Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Free Will

Our ego demands that we, and we alone, should control our destiny. Never mind our heritage, circumstances, genetic, economic, political and sociological predispositions, and a thousand other factors—we lay claim to be free citizens, masters of our domain.
It is hard to believe that some of us continue to delude ourselves. And yet, there is a grain of truth in the assumption of our freedom although, as Einstein would say, all is relative, and Feynman would add, “in all probability”.

Actually it all depends.
If you consider yourself born without any Karma, i.e. without any genetic traits, which give bias to your behaviour, shape, facial features (such a good looks or lack of them), or other factors that influence your predispositions; if you are born without the inherent need to procreate, to amass riches: wealth, gold, diamonds, yachts, works of art or country cottages—let alone power…
…but this could never happen, could it?
We delude ourselves that it is our transient personality and not the Immortal I AM that converts potential into manifestation. Hence, the illusion of free will.

Various religions have usurped and twisted the interpretation of ancient knowledge as it applies to our everyday affairs. Yet all scriptures, of whatever origin, always apply NOT to our physical bodies and/or wellbeing, but to the consciousness that resides within them. Hence, if we refer to ‘free will’, as mentioned in any of those writings, we do not mean that our ego is free to do whatever he or she wants, but our immovable, indestructible, irrepressible I AM alone is endowed with this quality. If we, however, identify with our physical bodies as ‘ourselves’, we can but temporarily deny the dictates of the physical, illusory, reality.
Even as the conductor of an orchestra can wield his baton with great determination—he can allow the music to rise and fall, to swell or diminish in a gentle rallentando—but he cannot change a single note.
If we introduce discord into the music of the spheres sooner or later we, the transient personality, shall suffer. In the past they called such discord a ‘sin’. The music must remain pure. Perfect. As always, it is a question of cause and effect. Nothing more, nothing else. The harmony will be maintained, or restored.

On the other hand we are free to cooperate with universal laws and add to the harmony and beauty of even the illusory reality in which we spend but a few years. By doing so we enhance and enrich our more permanent abode in which we shall reap the consequences of our stints here, on Earth. And contrary to the twisters of truth, there is no such thing as a permanent state of hell. All things that we create are transient. And we, and only we, create our realities, be they heaven or hell.  And we shall continue to do so forever. That’s the glory of immortality.
Good luck.  

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