Thursday, 4 September 2014

Panacea—An eye for too many eyes.

There is an incredibly simple solution to counter the widespread need amongst the youth of many countries to join the ranks of what their governments call “terrorists”. If we cannot create an equal but opposite ideology to that which drives our youth to kill in anger, and to do so at complete disregard of their own lives, then at least we must remove the motivation, which enables others to drive them such desperate actions. What they seem to want is to take at least some eyes for great many eyes.
They seem to attempt to balance the homicidal actions of their governments by sacrificing their own lives. We must never forget that our reality is sustained only by a state of balance, in all aspects of our lives.

For as long as a few plutocrats impel our governments to murder men, women and children by the use of heavy artillery and supersonic aircraft, the ranks of terrorists will continue to swell as will their anger born of desperation. This has been proven throughout history. Yet, the “duly elected democratic governments” remain blind to this overt fact. The truth is staring them in the face, but they refuse to accept it. Their reaction towards the deeply troubled youths is not love and compassion but strong-arms tactics, teargas, police batons and, if that doesn’t work, artillery and bombardment from above.
They forgot the Universal Law: action results in an equal but opposite reaction. All uprisings, revolutions, or underground “armies” of World War II, offer ample proof of that. Who is right remains a moot point. But the quality of innocence (no matter how misdirected) of the Few, will always seek to balance the brutal killing by large armies— the henchmen of a few oligarchs. Both, the armies and the self-immolating youths are exploited by the few on both sides of the equation.
The masses will remain lackadaisical.
We must wake up to the reality that it is not a question of right or wrong, but of restoring the balance: political, religious, economic, and in every other aspect of life.

Most of us imagine that this is a war between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ forces. Not so. There are but few oligarchs on both sides of the equation. A Few oligarchs manipulate weak-willed governments with money—a Few other oligarchs manipulate weak-willed youths with distorted ideology.
Bombs are action—terrorism: reaction.
To repeat, unbeknownst to all governments, it is not a question of who is right and who’s wrong, but of restoring the balance. When the Few oligarchs stop using armies to amass more riches, the other manipulators will lose the means to motivate and incense the minds of their sacrificial lambs.
It’s that simple.
We cannot control the masses, but a Few of us can control some to fight and die for us. Yet, only their bodies are murdered. Their consciousness lives on. It’s immortal, whoever they are. And it never forgets, hence history will continue to repeat itself. Until we learn.  

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  1. Of course. Obvious really. Yet short termism prevails on our side with an eye simply to the next election! Perhaps a rotating benign dictatorship of the Elect (but not elected) is the only way to start to dismantle the contribution made by power. The doctrine ( or fact) of immortality is what you are offering ( and me too I hope) and this is all we can do, to provide the evidence that nothing is lost and retribution is both earned and inevitable! It is, however, the lackadaisical centre, the featherbed on which the sword of zeal is daily blunted! Really God help us all!

  2. The center will always remain lackadaisical, perhaps a subliminal germ of Taoist wu wei. On the other hand, if you remove bullets from the equation, the artillery would be of little use. Putting all arms manufacturers in jail would help. Even those who produce more arms than the next 14 nations put together. Unfortunately there is too much money in it. The root of all evil, remember? And BTW, god by any "definition" does help us, Otherwise we'd all be dead by now! On yet another hand, we are greatly overpopulated. Perhaps ALL the killers are doing humanity a favour. It seems that only the Middle Path would work, or what I call Balance.

  3. Where I do stand on eyes for eyes is not the punitive response but the 'indifferent' one, by that I mean knowing when not to try and save. Today's Times features terrorists who want to 'come back' ( to the Uk') and think amnesty is a get out of jail free option!. Apparently martyrdom ain't such fun, and the 72 virgins are in doubt when its other Muslims you are killing. I am increasingly for letting decisions bring their own rewards because humanity has never learnt anything by being told.(Ask any parent) Perhaps creative seeding of either explosive or phut shells will quickly discourage their use if nobody quite knows which are which? Creative solutions seem part of what's needed. I have one to offer at the end of WIP!

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