Thursday, 2 January 2014

We are all Beings of Light

In the beginning…
Hence the problems started in earnest. Not only priests but also scientists began to make up stories how the world came to be. The Bible gave us one version. Other religions contributed their stories. Scientists, not to be left behind, came up with equally fascinating versions of what might have happened. All parties insisted that they, and only they, are right, but only the scientists have the decency to change their minds every so often.
Recently scientists decided that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate: that galaxies which are far away from us are receding faster than those closer to us.
Then problems started in earnest.
Some very wise men decided that not only religions have principles. Thus, scientists came up with the “Cosmological Principle”.
 Astronomer William Keel explains:
“Viewed on a sufficiently large scale, the properties of the Universe are the same for all observers.” Or as Andrew Liddle, Professor of astrophysics, puts it: "The cosmological principle [means that] the universe looks the same whoever and wherever you are." (v. Wikipedia).

So… wherever you are, the galaxies far from you recede faster from you than those close by. If you live on a planet a million light-years away from Earth, then Earth on which Keel and Liddle live, recedes from you faster than all those galaxies that are within a few light years of you?
Right. That’s what the scientists say.
I just love the stories they make up.
First they expected the big bang to end in a big crunch. Then they needed extra gravitational pull for this to happen, so they invented “black (invisible) matter”. When that wasn’t enough, in a wink and a tickle they threw in “black energy”, equally as invisible, but pushing the universe away from us to make their theories work.
Frankly, religions make more sense. They always had invisible forces doing this that and the other, to make the universe work. With all the due respects, it all sounds like universal poop. No, I don’t mean the aftermost and highest deck at the stern of a sailing ship, but poop that you find in a WC if someone forgets to flash your toilet.
Trust me. Wherever your ship sails, it will not get you there under the guidance of most religions or, regrettably, of any scientists, who only observe the poop as it once was and call it the big bang. Wow! Talk of Big Poop!

I propose to you that the opposite is true. The natural state of the universe is light. As the enormity of photons unavoidably collide, their vibrations slow down, acquire mass, and collapse into matter, which continues to contract. Eventually matter collapses into black holes, which collapse into bigger black holes, which eventually explode into light.
We are here just for the ride. It’s called life.
Aren’t we lucky? We, the real we, are individualized states of the omnipresent consciousness. We join the procession of photons, observe — and continue as passers by. 

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