Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Real Heaven

As always, the Truth hovers in the no-man’s land, suspended between science and religion. We have brains with which to think and hearts with which to listen.
Actually, there is no “real you”. There is only I. I AM, to be precise. If you read the book offered below, you’d get an idea how it works. As I also mentioned, the real I AM has Its being outside time or space. And yet we have developed the ability to have endless fun. If we’re lucky, on both sides of the Great Divide.
The problem with heaven is that it IS. It is not a state of becoming but a state of being. A permanent, eternal, euphoric state of being. Why euphoric? Because from the moment that time began in the hoary annals of eternity, we accumulated the memories of our excursions into the state of becoming and kept them for our pleasure in the unchangeable state of heaven.
Hence, whatever we have ever been, in whatever form; whatever experiences we have accumulated in our eternal spiral of life, we can enjoy in heaven. The difference is that we are no longer held liable for our mistakes. The only way we can eradicate things we don’t like is by re-entering the state of becoming and doing the opposite.
Hence reincarnations. The Wheel of Awagawan.
Theoretically we could stop at any moment. We could remain in heaven and abide in a state of fulminating stasis, eternally, enjoying all we’ve accomplished in the past.
Why stasis? Because nothing new can ever happen in a state of being. Why fulminating? Because everything we ever experienced is simultaneously available for us to re-experience again and again. Why simultaneously? Because there is no time in heaven. It is a state of being, remember?

We can choose “to go out” no more. But… why miss the fun? Eternity is such a long time and we can, literally forever, continue to enhance our storage of experiences, which would and will add to our heavenly reality. Remember, heaven IS. In my innermost nature I AM. Within the consciousness of heaven I cannot change.
That’s what life is for. Life is the condition of change. Of becoming. Eternal becoming? I hope so. After all, everything already exists in its potential form. That’s another facet of heaven. To convert the potential into an experience we need the act of living.
That’s how it works.
You can get a foretaste of heaven in your dreams. Aren’t they fun? But don’t forget the nightmares. Luckily, we can eradicate those. It is up to us. And once we “clean up” all our memories, get rid of the unpleasant ones, we can stop. Well, you can stop. I’d rather continue. For as long as it takes me to experience everything that has its inter being in the heavenly potential. Luckily, the potential is infinite.
Aren’t we lucky?

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