Friday, 24 January 2014

Of Animals and Men

We, humans, are born with the benefit of billions of years of evolution. Trial and error, which seems to be the only proven method of advancement, led nature to equip us with near-miraculous immunological system that can protect us against almost anything, short of willful sabotage.
And this is where our illusory semblance of freewill comes in.
By the time we turn forty, we already consumed an abundance of destructive elements, which have little or no nutritional value. We grow fat, then obese, overtax our immune system, and complain that although we are so clever, much smarter than all the healthy animals, the world has turned against us. Actually, it is we who have turned against the world. Our immune system can no longer cope with the abuse to which we subject it.
Enter pharmaceutical/chemical industry.
“Keep eating,” they say, “we’ll take care of your aches and pains.”
We keep eating, and the chemical industrial complex absolves us by feeding us with a mass of poisonous substances, which while reducing momentarily our aches and pains, serve to further destroy our immune system. No matter, all we need do is to swallow more chemicals.
To our disbelieving eyes we find that what took nature billions of years to evolve we manage to destroy within a single generation by indulging in gluttony. Not only that, but by eating the wrong stuff.
Animals don’t do that. They are protected by inherent knowledge that some things should not be eaten, at least, not in excess. We, humans, have lost this ability. We eat sugar, vast amounts of carbohydrates that are immediately converted to sugars, excessive amount of salt and other chemical compounds that help us to develop a list of ailments. And if that weren’t enough, we poison our livestock we intend to eat with chemicals, which help to destroy our immune system.
We, humans, are sinking into the depth of depravity and stupidity. Our bodies are biological robots that nature developed to help us advance the evolution of our consciousness. We wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong substance into the gas-tanks of our cars, but we think nothing of destroying the engines that sustain our becoming.
Fancy that…

It doesn’t have to be like that. We destroy ourselves by a willful choice. There are books on the market, which show us how to overcome a whole gamut of ailments just by eating the right stuff. Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book is just one of them. He presents massive of evidence. Will it help?
As always, it is up to us.
 We live in a world of illusions. We are fooling ourselves that nature or some illusive Being sitting up upon a cloud, will take care of us.
We forget the admonition: “ye are gods”.
Good luck.

[PS. Last time I looked, my BMI (body mass index) was 9 lbs over. We are all in this together!]

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