Monday, 13 January 2014


There is a tendency within the human species to throw everything we cannot understand into the realm of religion. The invisible, the demonic, divine, immortal, endless, and any other extreme must be of religious nature, we say. How else could such things happen
The same happened to Satan.
Since wars, murders, corruption, rape, diseases, and a dozen other horrid depravities begun sweeping the world in ever increasing numbers, it seems that Satan is a lot more powerful than God. Unless our concepts of God and Satan, or good and evil, are all wrong.
I often wondered how absurd we are to act this way. We create an almighty God in our image and likeness and then balance him (God seems to be invariably “Him” not “Her”) with an equally powerful Satan. It seems that the human race is quite incapable of imagining anything or anyone who is not steeped in duality.
Well, it seems, that the human race is wrong. And always has been. God and Satan are not good and/or evil. There is only a Single Source that is Infinite.
As far back as King David of the Old Testament, the wise men tried hard to dissuade us from this nonsense. YE ARE GODS, the Psalmist claimed. And ye shall have no other gods before ye, assures us Moses even further back in the hoary past.
Did we listen?
No. Perhaps there is no money in such a philosophy.
No. We ALL have the potential of being gods. The Potential which few, very few of us will attain. And those who do might find it very hard to refrain from the characterizations of Satan. The problem is that gods are extremely powerful, and—as we all know—extreme power leads to extreme corruption. Is there a way out?
 Not if we do not discover the truth before we live up to our potential. Otherwise we shall all gravitate towards Satan. And the first, the very first step towards the truth is to discover the true reality. For as long as we think of the material world as the ‘real’ world, we are bound to sink to its bottom. Call it gravitation.

We are NOT flesh and blood. We never were, we never shall be. We are states of consciousness which choose to embody a dualistic mode of becoming in order to become aware of the consequences of our potential, which, is infinite in BOTH directions.
There is only a singular source of Power. It is up to us how we shall channel it. Those who have no awareness of the power are not yet awake. Not yet alive.
Divinity remains in the middle, hence, it is the source of all. We decide if we shall gravitate to the left or right. Towards Godhood or Satanism. It’s our choice.
Good luck.
Do you agree?

Sacha, a young man who couldn’t quite understand human psyche never lost track of his true nature. It might give you ideas how to find your own. 

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