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Why is god He and not She? Surely an androgynous god would be more creative? I know that people like to have an anthropomorphic god, but why must it be a Man? Or is it a HE/SHE/IT Combined? The last being the Holy Spirit. Yet another mystery?
I don’t like mysteries.
Sometime ago I’d written an essay on the subject of Trinity. You can read it in Beyond Religion III. I discovered that it probably all originated with the sacred syllable AUM, the Medic Trimurti. The secret sound conceals the unrevealed Deity, the Swayambhouva, That which is That. That which has Its Being in and of Itself. Emanating from this ineffable Deity, the initial Source, the germ of the universe, are the three-in-one trinities forming a Supreme Whole. From AUM thus emanate the Nara, Nari and Viradyi, the initial triad. The Agni, Vaya and Sourya, the manifested triad that follows is still secret, intangible, esoteric.
The next Trimurti gave birth to religions.
Modern Hindûism offers us their Trinity as represented by the Brahma, the Vishnu and Siva (or Shiva), the creative triad. The Veda (the Brahmanas and the Bhagavad-Gita) proffers an elaborate commentary on the Trinity.
Brahma, a distant, inaccessible deity, is often equated with the universe He has created. Brahma in no way differs from God the Father of the Old Testament. In the first book of the Old Testament, the Genesis, He ‘single-handedly’ created the universe. As, the Vedas have now been proved by scholars to antedate the Jewish Bible by many ages, one can but wonder where the Hebrews got their idea. Where the New Testament differs from the Old and the Hindû versions is that in the later rendering, Brahma/Father needs a means, an instrument, through which the act of creation takes place.
Vishnu is the Preserver and Siva (or Shiva), the destroyer. Though Siva is referred to as the destroyer, I would suggest that, as in Buddhism, the only destruction that takes place is of one’s ego. Indeed, the final, or complete, return to the heavenly state of consciousness is impossible while we retain any vestiges of ego. After all, heaven is a ‘virtual’ state of consciousness, and there is nothing virtual about ego. More about this in my essay.

And now we have modern Trinities.
In the UK, we have a She, a they and a Them, i.e. the queen, the parliament and the House of Lords. In the US we prefer a president, the Congress and the Judiciary. In Canada the Governor General, the parliament, and the Senate. Always a Triad. It seems there is power the in the Power of Three. We all struggle with reality. Always…

Alex Baldwin, the hero of one of my Trilogies, also wrestled with the conflicting realities. The Freudian id, ego and superego.  Always a triad. The novel might help to illustrate the problems we all face. (You might benefit from reading Alec first. Alec just picked up some 5 star reviews.) I wonder what you think. 

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