Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Secret Within

In 8th century BC, man named Isaiah, reputed to have been a prophet, made a strange discovery. He discovered the secret underlying our state of consciousness. Isaiah also discovered that we were not born with this ‘superego’, but if we were lucky, then such a state of consciousness might emerge on the fringes of our awareness at any time when we open ourselves, our minds, to whatever it is that lies dormant within us.
Some 300 years later, around 5th century BC, another man called Siddhartha Gautama, who became known as Buddha, made the same discovery. Until we become aware of this inner state of consciousness, Buddha claimed, we were not really awake. We remain dormant.
Later still, some 2000 years ago, a man called Yeshûa said that unless we become aware of that inner life within us, we remain still dead. “Let the dead bury the dead,” he once said, equating a physical body to a dead condition until we become alive by discovering the life within us.
The only life Yeshûa recognized was a state of consciousness aware of its true nature. It had nothing whatsoever to do with any religion. Just a simple truth of which, it seems, the vast majority, the ‘many’, are not aware of. When they become aware of it, they become the ‘chosen’ few. Strange how few choose to be among the chosen. After all, it is up to us. All we need do is to sublimate our ego and recognize that we are more than our physical bodies.
Some 2800+ years after Isaiah, a man called Sigmund Freud, an uncompromising atheist, came close. He named this, or very similar state of consciousness, “superego”. No one knows why it took almost 3000 years to discover that Isaiah was not preaching any form of religion, or what scientists call superstition, but a deep analysis of human nature. There were no churches, not even temples in the days of Isaiah. He had to make do with conveying his knowledge directly to the people, in the hope that some of it might sink in and help people to find purpose in their lives.
Not much has changed.

All four men referred to the same condition.
It takes years to understand the mental acrobatics that Freud indulged in to explain his method. Volumes have been writer about it. It takes just about as long to comprehend the inner teaching of Buddha. As for the Yeshûa’s teaching, to this day it is twisted beyond recognition.
Only Isaiah managed to encapsulate the whole discovery into just a few lines. In Chapter 8:22 & 9:1–8, he explained, precisely, the whole process of awakening. You may have to read my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism to grasp the consequences of the discovery, but the wisdom still remains expressed in 9 simple verses. If you want to know the secret, read for yourself. It will take you a few minutes to discover who you really are.
Today we celebrate the birth of New Consciousness.
Merry Xmas. 

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