Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Power over the Opposites

There is no good and/or evil. They both exist only in our transient, ego generated, state of mind. We tend to decide what’s good for us; and what isn’t—we tend to define as evi
Not so.
Basically we can only define as ‘good’ that which lies in the middle, or serves the totality of the manifested Universe. Or that that our concepts of good and evil have in common. The reason for this is simple. All, absolutely everything that exists, originates from a single Source. Some call it God, others the centre of a gargantuan Black Hole—the mother of all Big Bangs? It is interesting that a black hole is also called a “Singularity”. Like One/Single God? We are the instruments of the single Source through which everything, material, emotional or mental evolves.
By ‘we’ I don’t mean just humans, of course, but everything that can serve to enhance, multiply, enrich or act in any way to advance the manifested Universe. Everything that coverts the potential into manifestation.

Some of us, the few that are (choose to be) chosen out of many (all) that are called, participate in this process consciously. We can do so at different levels, in all walks of life. Nobody is excluded from the process, yet very, very few participate in it at conscious level. When we do, we are likened to gods. At least, that’s what the Old and New Testaments claim.
I suspect that they are both right. The moment we accept our place in the Universal scheme of things, our power grows exponentially to serve the fulfillment of our purpose. Such purpose can be great or small, although all are indispensible. No one is excluded from this process, even if very few fulfill it in each and every incarnation.
Nevertheless, we mustn’t worry. We, the fractal components of the Universal Potential are immortal. No matter how many times we fail in our assigned task, we are given another, and yet another, chance to make it right. This is what the adherents of various religions refer to as “divine mercy”.
And such it is.
As inseparable units of Universal Consciousness we cannot die, or “go to hell”. We can, however, waste our life, and the resulting pangs of conscience would be akin to hell.
Yet this is where the “infinite (or divine) mercy” steps in again. Sooner or later we realize that even a long ‘life’, is but an insignificant fraction of eternity.  We shake off the darkness that clouded our vision, and direct our steps, our states of mind, towards light. And then…
And then, once again, we become aware of being an indivisible part of the Universal Consciousness. And that’s as close to heaven on Earth as we can get.
It’s worth the effort.

Peter and Paul, went through a lifelong struggle to reach this state of consciousness. It hadn’t been an easy road. Not in their days. Find out for yourself. 

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