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Surely, there is no pride greater than to create a god, never mind The God, in one’s own image and likeness. Or the reverse, for that matter. The energy of the Omnipresent Consciousness, which is the only reality that is permanent in the Universe, cannot be limited, shrunk, diminished or otherwise ridiculed by trying to limit it to any living creature. Let alone the feeble, murderous, incipit, short-lived creature such as a human being.
And yet, we have the potential.
Divine Potential!
No, God could never be human, nor could a human be God. But tiny, incipient gods, gods with a very small ‘g’, proliferate the Universe for countless millennia.
When the ancient prophets called us gods, they were only speaking of the ultimate potential dwelling within us. They never intended to limit “God” to a human being.
People confuse gods, entities who had been created millions if not billions of years ago, with the omnipresent Consciousness which individualizes Itself in all life-forms.
There is only one way in which we can unite with the Omnipresent Consciousness, and that is to give up our own. To give up our Ego, the means of Becoming in the Phenomenal Universe. Only then we can become one with God. God with the capital ‘G’. We would no longer belong to the Phenomenal Reality, to the reality we call the Universe. We would forego our individuality to become pure energy. Yet the contribution we have made to the phenomenal Universe would, hopefully, enhance the creation of other, more advanced entities, which could draw on the collective experience of Becoming.
And so on forever.

While the Key of Immortality had been defied by Thomas in his Gospel, each one of us must find our own way. The process of individualization demands it of us. Diversity is the name of the game. And this leads us to the argument for Reincarnation

Think of your physical body as we do of the leaves which the deciduous trees lose every autumn. Thus we lose our bodies. Yet the trees regain the leaves, fresh and beautiful each spring, to produce wondrous oxygen to support life of countless billions of other living creatures. Likewise we are given fresh bodies, fresh phenomenal enclosures for our immortal Being, in expectation of feeding the Universe with our contribution.
Yes, this includes the whole of the human species. Did you ever say thank you to a tree? Other members of the animal kingdom cannot avoid their destiny. They, too, reincarnate, and gather experience to, one day, do the jobs which at the moment remain in our domain. They are still in Paradise, in the Garden of Eden from which we emerged to do our duty. Our first step must be to find out what it is. Then, once we set out on fulfilling our destiny, the Universe will conspire to help us.
We shall find happiness.
We shall find peace beyond human understanding.
We shall be as god, yet ever with a very small ‘g’.
We shall become aware of the divinity within us.

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