Monday, 23 July 2018


Many Internet sources confirm that 70% of Earth surface, is water. Of that, 98% is salt water, and 2% sweet, hence drinkable water. And of that 2 % about 90%, is frozen in the polar regions and glaciers on the tops of mountains.
Now, with global warming, the frozen drinkable water will mix with salt water. And, with glaciers and polar regions melting, the sea level will continue to rise. 
Remember the biblical story of Noah? In the Bible, water symbolizes an abundance and the nature of thoughts. E.g.: the Red Sea stood for an emotional barrier. History tends to repeat itself. Like seasons, like Ages of the Zodiac.
Today, human creativity is becoming limited to producing overpopulation. Also, in literature, and entertainment industry, sex, murder, and mayhem is becoming predominant. We’re forgetting that thoughts (the biblical water) are energies that influence our phenomenal reality. Gradually the symbols are becoming… ‘real’. 
While shortages of drinking water will become imminent, the shrinking land will be at a premium. And while this happens, people are bent on producing more and more children.
As Albert Einstein aptly observed, humanity has a problem with a certain infinity. In addition, we appear to be blind to the wisdom of our predecessors. To the wisdom of the past. We have become too physical to recognize anything that is not. The rate of vibration of which our phenomenal reality is constructed is slowing down.

My AQUARIUS TRILOGY, (WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, PLUTO EFFECT, and OLYMPUS—Of God and Men), tackles the problems which the Few, the Many, and the Third Party (the last being the vast majority who have never heard of any Universal Laws) will have to face. All of them, of us, will face the same problems, yet, evidently, in very different ways.
You’ll have to read my novels to find out to which group you belong. It has nothing to do with what you do, but very much with how you do it. Your thoughts and emotions define who you are.

The Potential in each one of us is equal.
Sadly,  most of us do not seem to realize it.

Einstein had chosen to refer to the Universal Laws as the “thoughts of God”. Throughout the ages, various mystics tried to acquaint us with some of them. Regrettably, most, if not all of them, have been usurped by various religions and turned into a means of controlling our minds.
Hence, inspired by the Dalai Lama, my search for Secular Ethics.
The Laws have evolved over countless billions of years not to control us but to enhance our lives, our joy, our appreciation of beauty, order, and the delicate balance between all energies generated by the eternal process of Becoming.
When we grow aware of our potential, we shall also realize that we, and we alone, are the creators of the Phenomenal Universe. We, and we alone must and will, take all the credit.
And… blame.

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