Monday, 6 August 2018


We often forget that the ever-changing, phenomenal Universe thrives on endless diversity. The Source or the impulse, which is behind the continuous creation is not only omnipresent but ONE. The mystics of the past called this inexhaustible energy — Spirit.
It was the only word that precluded any association to the Phenomenal Universe in which we all find our becoming. That’s what life is: Becoming.
Everything we can perceive with our senses, every tangible thing we can become aware of, is born of an idea, of a “theoretical potential” that, over the infinity of time is in the process of striving to express the perfection from which it originates. Amorphous energy is shaped by our minds into perceptible yet ephemeral forms. However, only energy continues, the forms are transient.
This paradigm, obviously, also applies to us.
To you and me.
To the animal kingdom.
To the elements which constitute all that is in the process of becoming.

At a microscopic level, this process is expressed in my ALEXANDER TRILOGY, though essentially it is a story of love, magic, and adventure.

In book One, ALEC is a dreamer and an adventurer. He’s coming of age. He conquers the unconquerable, visits the unreachable, sails the seven seas, and finally meets his own Self among the stars. He also finds his first love. Join him for the ride of your life! 

You’ll feel young again!!!
Dr. ALEXANDER Baldwin, "Alec", now a brilliant physicist, had risen to unprecedented heights in his profession. He is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. All seems fine until his journey to the mysterious Machu Picchu. There, at the top of the world of the ancient Incas, Sandra returns to claim her proper place in his life. Alec refuses to give up his freedom without a struggle.

Join Alexander in the realm of fantasy, Black Magic, Adventure, and Romance.
SACHA, Alexander's son, cuts his own history. His life hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal. He is uncomfortable in his body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally, his mysterious mission is revealed to him. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him.

A few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews:

Must Read!
Stan Law does it again!
High Stakes! Candy for my mind!!
Moving and Memorable Conclusion!
A Perfect Way To Wrap Up A Trilogy!
Phenomenal Book That Gets You Thinking!
Fantastic ending to Alexander Trilogy Series!

You can read this book as a continuous story of two generations, or as individual, complete novels.
If you value a life of romance, magic, and adventure, get this book now. 

Complete Series

The Way Back

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