Monday, 26 February 2018

AVATAR TRILOGY—Reward and Punishment

For reasons unknown to me, long life is regarded as some kind of blessing. And this in spite of the fact that most of us, the Jews, Christians, and Moslem, intend to move to the never-never land of Heaven. If Heaven is so wonderful, then why then wish to remain in the Valley of Tears?
It is a completely illogical proposition.

Either Heaven is not all it's purported to be, or we shouldn’t try to avoid it for as long as possible.
The only other option is that the vast majority of people are fully committed or at the very least expectant, to move permanently to Hell, and thus wish to avoid the inevitable at least for a while longer. (Although with -320C outside, even this is of dubious wisdom).

Long life is not a reward for achievements, nor is it punishment for failing to fulfill our dharma sooner. After all, we’re all immortal. The only purpose of life on Earth is to heighten, enrich, and beautify our life in Heaven. After all, Heaven, even as Hell, even as our life on Earth, are all but states of consciousness. We are the sole creators of realities in which we experience our mode of becoming.
We are gods. 
Entities that shape their own Universes, their own realities.  

Of course, religions have a different motivation. Heaven and Hell are by far the best carrot and stick anyone could possibly imagine. Just think… eternal suffering! Who wouldn’t be scared of a God so despicable as to send his beloved children to eternal damnation? I am really amazed that there still are people in this reality who believe in such a despicable perversion of infinite love.
No matter.
Secular Ethics will take care of that.

As for the purpose of remaining on Earth, that’s easy. We are here to learn to participate with the Creative Force of the Universe, eventually in full consciousness. When our awareness of Being and Becoming unite, become One, we also become Avatars. We begin to draw on the Infinite Potential and translate it into a phenomenal reality. The longer this reality lasts, the better our understanding of the original Purpose.
Anne understood this idea. After years of struggle, often self-denial, she became a conscious agent of the Creative Force. In a way, her self-imposed job was to restore peace in the midst of emotional or mental hurricanes.
That’s just one of the functions of an Avatar.
The Universe cannot exist without a state of balance. The centrifugal and the centripetal forces, in physical, mental and emotional realities must remain balanced to be most effective. When the equilibrium is upset we witness wars, mental aberrations, emotional suicides.
Anne knew that. She brought peace to people.
Peace, often, beyond human understanding?
Shouldn’t we all try to do the same?

Gradually, as we learn about the Universal Laws we shall meet our purpose. The Secular Ethics should lead us to discover and fulfill our dharma. After all, Secular Ethics reach beyond religions. They apply to everybody and everything. Equally.
It will be as though we were all One.


  1. Perhaps it ought to be mentioned, that Heaven is 'static'. Innovation comes only through phenomenal realities. In order to advance, to cross new fields, incarnation (individualization of consciousness)is a must. We are the "living gods", and living means subject to change.