Monday, 5 February 2018

ALEXANDER TRILOGY—Love, Magic, and Adventure

The trilogy illustrates the profound changes that take place in men when they become aware of the potential abiding within their consciousness. The old expression “sky is the limit”, takes on a new meaning. Read this trilogy carefully; your time may be just around the corner. And remember, miracles of today are but normal abilities of our ultimate potential.
The trilogy begins with extraordinary adventures of Alec, a teenaged boy with a vivid imagination, in a world of fantasy and paranormal experience. 
We follow him from his early youth to maturity, in which the adventures of boyhood take on a very different meaning. Normal and paranormal realities blend until they become manifest in Alec’s son as supernormal phenomena.
Amazon description states:
“Stan I.S. Law’s inimitable style breathes life into the unforgettable characters and adventures that Alec, Alexander, and Sacha would meet in their journeys.
Join them in this magnificent and exceptionally well-written story that will tickle your mind as well as your heart.”

Alexander Trilogy is a fascinating tale for both young and old in the world of paranormal and supernormal phenomena.

In Book One: ALEC is a dreamer and an adventurer. He’s coming of age. He conquers the unconquerable, visits the unreachable, sails the seven seas, and finally meets his own Self among the stars. He also finds his first love.

Join him for the ride of your life! 
You’ll feel young again!!!

In Book Two: Alec is now Dr. ALEXANDER Baldwin, a brilliant physicist, who had risen to unprecedented heights in his profession. He is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. All seems fine until his journey to the mysterious Machu Picchu. There, at the top of the world of the ancient Incas, Sandra, his inner Self, the Princess of his youth, returns to claim her proper place in his life. Alexander refuses to give up his freedom without a struggle.

Join Alexander in the realm of fantasy, Black Magic, Adventure, and Romance.

Finally, in Book Three of the Trilogy, SACHA, Alexander's son, cuts his own history. His life hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal. He is uncomfortable in his body. There are echoes here of Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Sacha is obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally, his mysterious mission is revealed to him. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dare to oppose him.

A few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.

Amazing! Astounding! High Stakes! Candy for my mind!! Stan I.S. Law does it again! Moving and Memorable Conclusion! A Perfect Way To Wrap Up A Trilogy! Fantastic ending to Alexander Trilogy Series! Phenomenal Book That Gets You Thinking, Must Read!!
If you value a life of romance, magic, and adventure… Don’t delay.