Monday, 19 February 2018


I’d like to offer you a different slant on our view of men and women.
Lately, relationships between the two sexes has been exacerbated by many real or perceived improprieties, misconducts, or even outrageous behavior. Whichever definition we assign to the conduct of men, so far society remains silent regarding the behaviour of women. We must assume that they are all collegial sisters of Mother Theresa, if not Virgin Mary, born, raised and evolved without ‘sin’.
We, men, really don’t know what makes them tick.
One thing is certain. They’ve grown way past being just one of Adam’s ribs. Way, way past…
For now, men, and men only are guilty.

And that’s as it should be.
From time immemorial, in a vast majority of cases, men were responsible for providing food and security necessary to sustain the human race. They had to fight the wild boar, tigers, lions, other carnivorous monsters, to feed their progeny. Sometimes they forgot whom they were fighting and their better halves were in danger of being on the wrong end of the stick.
Yet man soon discovered that it’s not easy to live with them, but near impossible to live without them.
Thus man, in order to restrain himself, had no choice but to place women on a pedestal. Women reciprocated by making themselves as beautiful and desirable as becomes divine creatures. The Greeks created a plethora of irresistible role models for women to follow.
The balance was restored.
Regrettably, only for a while…
Today, the skintight panties clinging to ladies’ (no longer quite so) shapely buttocks and cleavage descending to the bellybutton,  once again upset the equilibrium. This, however, is symptomatic of the human species descending to our abysmal evolutionary nadir.
No matter. Soon the devolutionary course will be reversed and we shall start again.
That’s easy.
We shall begin, again, as hermaphrodites, with a new cerebral equipment.

The new ‘Adam’ will have a neuronic structure that will permit the two cerebral halves of the brain to work in unison. When we began last time, in Eden, the brain had to be split into two halves. The sexual predispositions and characteristics followed. Each sex had both halves, but each had a distinct predisposition to use left or right hemisphere. Thus we remained indispensable to each other.
The Pons Varolli lies superior to the medulla oblongata and anterior to the cerebellum and connects the two halves of the brain. Should anyone attempt to use both halves of their brain to their full capacity simultaneously, his or her neurons would be cooked by the heat generated by 1000 trillion synapses firing at once.
So, in Eden, ‘nature’, in her wisdom, split Adam into two complementary halves, assuring a distinct predisposition for the use of left or right hemispheres.
Thus, as far as their neurological potential is concerned, Adam and Eve remained One. Or, as the ancients wrote so poetically:
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

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