Monday, 5 March 2018

KEY TO IMMORTALITY—The Phenomenal Illusion

For a long time, I couldn’t understand why people who, due to some sort of unfortunate accident, or perhaps military action, would pursue a physical activity with such fervor. “Special Olympics”, both, summer and winter, are the living proof of their adamant desire to use their remaining physical dexterity to the maximum.
I’ve seen men and women deprived of their legs race on artificial prosthesis with such will and determination that would make men and women in possession of healthy bodies jealous.
Surely, I thought, surely they could excel in occupations or hobbies which would exercise their minds and emotions at par with other people? In profession and occupations wherein they would not be at a disadvantage? 
And yet…
And yet they persist.

And then I mused, after all, it took nature a good few millions of years to develop our physical bodies. From a few molecules of DNA, gradually forming a spiral, then, an amoeba, catching our food with a fingerlike projection of protoplasm… oh… it took quite a while.
Finally, lo and behold, our creative spirit, our sublime consciousness, gradually, painstakingly, with a tremendous effort, often sacrificing speed and agility, or dexterity, or sheer physical strength, managed to create the body we now occupy. A body with a brain of 100 billion cells, with an electrochemical system which enables them to fire up to 1000 trillion synapses creating artificial intelligence.
Why artificial?
Because our bodies and our brains are a product of Omnipresent Consciousness exuding infinite potential of creativity. Our brains have the ability to mimic this creativity. Does yours?

Yes. We are gods.
We are the individualized fragments of indivisible omnipresent Consciousness. Benevolent, forgiving our countless errors of judgment, It guides us to arrive at our present phenomenal configuration, most suited for participation in the Creative Process of the Universe.
Hence, I realized we ought to give our bodies, no matter how transient, all the respect they deserve.

This is, perhaps, the only matter in which our paraplegic Olympians miss the point. The phenomenal Universe, the Universe we perceive with our limited senses, does not really exist. It is little more than a projection of our consciousness, which imagines, often insists, as to what it should be. In fact, as the learned theoretical physicists will assure you, it consists of energy in the constant flux of becoming.
To repeat, we are individualizations of the omnipresent amorphous energy of Consciousness. Hence, we are the cause and the effect of the Universe we perceive as ‘real’. We conceive and witness this very same amorphous energy suspended in the eternal stasis of Being. It is characterized by an infinite rate of vibration. Its intrinsic nature causes It to become kinetic, dynamic, to energize Itself. By lowering Its rate of vibration It becomes the self-engendered progenitor of ‘life’, which cannot exist without movement.
In this sense we are gods. Errant, delinquent, wayward gods. Gods in eternal search of divinity.
But only if we become aware of this fact.
And we must remember that Consciousness can be withdrawn from our bodies when they no longer serve the Universal Purpose. 

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