Monday, 19 March 2018

OF GODS AND MEN?—Aquarius Trilogy

Let us assume that the Galactic seasons do not destroy humanity, only refresh it through global upheavals, advancing the Few, refreshing the Many, and recycling the Rest.
If the Universe had neither beginning nor end, than, lo and behold, somewhere, perhaps many, many galaxies away, there must have been some individualizations of the Infinite, Omnipresent, Amorphous, Consciousness, that survived in one form or another countless millennia of evolution. Compared to us, they would be as gods.
After all, they would be no less advanced beyond our present state than we are beyond an amoeba.
There are reasons for this thesis.
There are countless myths adorning our past that state, quite univocally, that an abundance of gods had been responsible for our evolutionary advancement. Those gods were not beings of pristine perfection, but individuals of great power, which they used quite indiscriminately, often for their own benefit at the expense of others. Such powers often enabled them to move through space and time, change their appearance, in fact to manipulate the phenomenal reality at will. They could also communicate with us, the less advanced being, at telepathic levels, a little as many animals communicate on earth today.
This suggest how much we may have lost since leaving Eden, to gain knowledge of the phenomenal, the “unreal reality”.
In short, they were gods.

At some point in history we, humans, had been judged worthy to be left alone, to create our own reality, according to the teaching of gods who visited our environs. The Gods of the past, perhaps those portrayed in our ancient myths, have departed to more fertile grounds, where our embryonic freewill did not interfere with their magnificent powers.
As for us, being immortal, we have countless millennia to catch up with them, at least partially; to develop powers lying deep within our incipient psyches.
We shall see.
In a few thousand years, or so.
Perhaps after two or three cleansing periods such as Ice-Ages, or Great Floods, or other “mishaps” that would separate the Few who are ready to continue, from the masses that are not.
We shall see.

One thing is certain. Whatever our past, here and now we have reached the stage of being responsible for our thoughts, actions, and for the results of our behavior. We, and we alone are the creators of our, no matter how transient reality.
“As a man sows, so shall he reap…”
No matter what. The Universal Laws demands that all debts will be paid, that balance will be restored. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Balance is a Universal Law that cannot be broken. “Infinite mercy” will enable us to make countless mistakes. “Infinite justice” will extract the restoration of balance. The gods of Olympus knew that and now it is our turn.

We are fast approaching the next cleansing period. Its possible effects are suggested in my Aquarius Trilogy. Some of us will survive and move onto a higher state of awareness. Awareness of the potential within us. Make sure you are among the Few.
Good luck.

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  1. If all is energy, then YHWH is energy before it became ‘something’. Like chi, prana, spirit, manna, ether, orgone, et alli. It is the omnipresent, amorphous energy harboring the absolute potential of everything, incl. us.