Monday, 12 March 2018

DELUSIONS about Heaven and Earth.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” starts the Torah. And it goes on to assures us that the earth was formless and empty. This suggests a monolithic energy all vibrating at the same rate.
Then came the light…
This was the beginning of the differentiation in the rate of vibration. Still amorphous but vibrating at a different rate.
Please note that although all of the above deals with energy, there is no talk of movement or rotation. That, too, came later. Nevertheless, the first change in the rate of vibration provided dynamism which initiated evolution.
Heavens represents the Potential. Earth the Manifestation. The Potential is Energy vibrating at an infinite rate, resulting in inherent omnipresence, and inclusive of all the possibilities, hence of Infinite Potential.
Infinity is always all-inclusive.

Surely we are aware that the ancients may not have had the benefit of Einstein’s perspicacity, experience, and thus knowledge. Nor did they have the terminology to describe the phenomenal reality with words that our present conceptualization, steeped in materiality, could possibly understand. Yet, in their own way, inspired by their unconscious mind (our link to the Potential with us) they told us how our phenomenal reality may have come about.

We should pay close attention to the difference between the Potential and the Manifestation. Originally both, “heaven and earth”, were but formless ideas. Then came movement.
Once initiated, the dynamic of movement cannot be contained. To do so, we’d have to increase it’s rate of vibration to infinity, hence reverting to primordial intangible stasis.
This cannot be done.
It would be like walking uphill in order to get down from the mountain. While changes in the rate of vibration of energy give us the diverse reality in which we conduct our becoming (in which we live), the reverse process would mean the total obliteration of the phenomenal world. Not a nice prospect.
It seems that the Eternal, Omnipresent, Creative Force, the Force I describe as Consciousness, devised a way out of the dilemma. We, humans, (and all life-forms aware of their Potential), are the agents, the means, the entities in which Being and Becoming coexists, thus negating the necessity of total dissolution. We can rest assured that neither Potential nor the process of Manifestations will ever come to an end.

The Universal Laws, which Einstein called “the thoughts of God”, are not concerned with what is already made, but only with the Creative Process itself. The Laws govern the unfoldment of the infinite possibilities that can become manifest through diversification of the rate of vibration while remaining in the indispensable accord between Being and Becoming.
That is all.
Thoughts, emotions, feelings of any kind, and many other intangible energies such as love, are subject to those Laws.
Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, is the centripetal force that stops the Universe from falling apart. It is also that which draws us together, which unifies us, which gives us the awareness of Oneness.
All else are delusions. 

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