Tuesday, 26 January 2016

3300 Secrets Unveiled

Of late, unless one is in politics, ignorance is NOT bliss. Nor are many other maxims invented and oft-repeated to uphold the status quo. Yet Life is change, as eternal as the Potential is infinite, wherein it is had its birth.
There are many religions in the world, most of them teaching almost exactly the same maxim: “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. This sentiment is expressed in a thousand different ways, illustrated with countless examples, repeated to make sure that it CANNOT be misunderstood.
In addition, to make sure that some self-centered egomaniacs cannot twist the words beyond reason, the philosophy of life is protected extensively by symbolism. And yet there is more.

Although symbolism had been applied in all scriptures, my concern is principally with the Bible.
Our forefathers, in their, perhaps, dubious reason, allowed some 3300 words in both the Old and the New Testaments to remains NOT translated. Perhaps their intent was to protect the teaching still further, until the human species in general and people attesting to Judeo-Christian philosophy in particular, are sufficiently developed, or evolved  to understand the missing words. We might have to consider the possibility that we, en masse, are not evolving. That in fact departure from biblical precepts is an undeniable sign of devolution. After all, many were called, but only few seem to have heard the voice.
Perhaps, as in everything else in nature, there are cycles.
For those who advanced sufficiently, the missing words will unveil a most surprising truth. The Scriptures have nothing to do with any religion. They are simply a compendium of knowledge passed on from generation to generation of seekers, giving us the benefit of thousands of years of experience on how to live.
How to live in peace. How to treat your neighbour. How to make friends and influence people. How to be nice.

We have entered the Age of Aquarius, wherein each man and each woman are expected to water their own garden. And here’s symbolism again. Your garden is your state of Consciousness. Within your garden there is an abundance of thoughts which combine to create your reality. You, and you alone, created the state of consciousness you live in. It is your tiny, personal Universe. You can make it grow, expand, flourish.
It’s up to you. Finally the truth is unveiled.
Find out for yourself.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Pons Varolii

This blog began as notes I made when writing Peter and Paul, the intuitive sequel to my best selling Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus. While those two novels are “historical fiction”, now I return to “prophetic fiction”. I began this series with theAvatar Syndrome, which was followed by the Headless World. Both these novels dealt with human potential, with the powers latent within us, which manifest, mostly, through the miracle of our brain.
Recently I saw a movie called Lucy, written and directed by Luc Besson. It reminded me how my own, or rather Anne’s story began. Our brain is a miraculous computer, which metamorphoses ideas into realities, which we recognize with our senses. While the journey of the ideas travels through mind, emotions, imagination and finally gels into phenomenal form, they always begins with an idea. The original Source, to which I refer as omnipresent Amorphous Energy, travels through various rates of vibration, slowing down as it nears the end of Its journey in the transient, ephemeral, illusory reality we call the Universe.
The fascinating thing is as E=MC2 proves it, the reverse process is also possible. And this is where Anne Howell comes in, or at least her unique neurological anomaly of an enlarged Pons Varolii. The Pons is a band of fibers that bridge the two hemispheres of the cerebellum. It only happens in mammals.
In Anne, this anomaly already produced quite stunning results. What she didn’t suspect was that the Pons, once stimulated, would continue to grow new synapses that would eventually unify the two halves of her brain into a biological computer never experienced by a human being.
This idea when mangled and reconstituted by the usual creative process in my brain, will result in Book III of what now appear to be the Anne Howell Trilogy. I am as curious what will happen, to Anne, to her family, indeed—to the world. Anne never kept her gifts to herself.  She will not do so this time. As Einstein assures us that nothing in the world can be created or destroyed, in my books Anne is likely to revise the creative process. The title might be The Way Back…or Awakening, or well just wait and see. I’m interested myself.
Take a deep breath and wait.
For four or five months.

Book I, The Avatar Syndrome, and Book II, the Headless World are already available to you. By the time you finish reading them, my first draft will be ready. I’ll keep you posted.
And then… enjoy!

The Anne Howell Trilogy
(coming soon)

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Event Horizon

The Event Horizon of a Black Hole is the only place in the phenomenal Universe where the gravitational force precisely counteracts light’s tendency to escape it. We might say that at that physical location the Universal Laws maintain a state of ‘divine’ if precarious balance.
A fraction closer to the center of the Black Hole, and there’s no escape. A step farther out, and you are on your own, expanding into the infinity of space.
Hence, phenomenal divinity.
If we accept Albert Einstein’s postulate that there is no matter, that all is energy at different rates of vibrations, then the event horizon represents the fragile state of balance in which all energies are subject to a tendency to collapse into the inescapable gravity, or to set themselves free to expand through infinite space, ever changing diverse rates of vibration, forming life in all its infinity of forms. Life is change. Intelligent life is conscious change.
If we go back to the Event Horizon where all life begins, we must include not only physical energies but also those vibrating at much higher rates. Those are the intangible, invisible, as yet undefined energies such as the unifying energy we know as love, such as the energy of logic whose realm is expressed as mind and the resultant thought. Next we slow down the rates of vibrations to act as imagination, emotions and finally the slowest of all, the phenomenal energies detectible to our physical senses, which we refer to as matter.
Remember Einstein: ALL is energy.

We have no idea what happens within a Black Hole. It might be absolute death, to which religions refer to as hell. It might be the unknown realm wherein all spent energies are converted into an amorphous energy, which, at times, explodes into new universes through processes we refer to as Big Bangs.
We might never know.
What we do know, however, is that sooner or latter we are apt to approach the Even Horizon, probably protecting the center of every galaxy. At that time we shall decide if we wish to try living, once again, through the process we know as reincarnation. Life, of course, is the greatest gift of all. Alternatively, we might decide that we reached the limit of our individual potentiality and decide to cross the line beyond which there is no return.
For those who haven’t guessed, the original amorphous energy is Consciousness Itself. It is that from which all other energies, all other rates of vibration ensue, to create life of infinite diversity. 

This is what Adam discovered at the Event Horizon. There is an instant when Individualized Consciousness can withdraw, momentarily, from the energies it created. It happened when he became aware of becoming an entity of light, which is the first sign of self-awareness. The rest is in the book. Enjoy, and then tell me about it. Or better sill, tell all people about it on Amazon. I’m sure they’re as interested in your opinion as I am.
Thank you. 

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Single Multiverse

For some reason people find it hard to shed their egos. Pity. Ego is what sets us apart, what denies our unity. Yet, ultimately, every energy of higher rate of vibration experienced by any intelligent being in the entire Universe is accessible to every other being. In order to multiply in diversity of the Creative Principle we are individualized, but at the highest level of awareness we are ONE.
It’s the only way to get back to the source. To get back home as Sacha’d say in one of my books.

I recall a story of a man who was ready to cross the river to enter heaven. The monk who owned the boat agreed to take him across. Halfway through, the man was shocked to see a corpse floating down the lazy current. Who can it be, he wondered.
“It is you,” replied the monk.
Only then the man understood the price he had to pay to enter heaven. The corpse represented his ego.

Some people find it difficult to reconcile the concept of our reality being constructed, or made up, of energies at different rates of vibration. This is particularly surprising as the concept of the theory originates not in some foreign religious sect, but from hard science. It was Albert Einstein who proposed this idea, which has since been proven by many physicists as valid. As, according to the same group of physicists, nothing can be created nor destroyed in the world, the ongoing metamorphoses of various energies is an unavoidable must.
To arrive at other realities, we must simply accept that those energies which are imperceptible to our senses, do in fact exist. It is also self-evident that as only the slowest rates of vibrations are perceptible to our physical senses, re reverse must also be true. By that I mean that energies which we cannot see, feel, smell, hear, or touch, must consist of faster rates of vibration.
It is interesting to note that those higher rates also demonstrate a longer shelf-life. Imagine a house. Physical object may last a few hundred years. Our memory of them can last much longer. Finally, our emotional connection to them, like a family heirloom can last for many generations. Also, it may have belonged to a single person, it might be remembered by may more, and been loved by a still greater number.
The ramification of this is that as we increase the rates of vibrations, we also extend its existence, and it spreads over a greater number of people.
Ultimately, we discover things like music, or poetry, or philosophical concepts that unite thousands, perhaps million into a singularity of mind and/or emotions.  
Don’t get me wrong. We need ego to survive in the phenomenal reality, no matter how illusory, ephemeral, unreal in might be. No matter how unreal it is.

Some of the experiences Alexander had in the course of his adult life reached beyond time, space, and individuality. We gradually grow in knowledge that at the essence of all realties we are all ONE, experiencing diversity of events in the eternal NOW. Alexander must have known that.

Alexander Trilogy Book Two

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Global Peace

Albert Einstein once said that he doesn’t know with what weapons the 3rd World War will be fought, but he knows that the 4th WW will be fought with sticks and stones. He’s probably right.
And yet?
And yet the way out is so absurdly easy.
All it takes is for the United Nations to issue an order that, as of specific date, anyone involved in any way whatsoever in the production of arms will be evicted to a desert island, which will be patrolled with an international navy to assure that not a single man or woman can leave the island for any reason whatsoever. Basic subsistence would be provided by the UN. Not for possession of arms, only for production. For manufacturing of arms in any form. On the said island they would be given absolute freedom.
Regardless of what the aspiring jingoistic plutocrats would do on their island, within a year or two all arms already produced would have been used up, and sticks and stones would come into play without the intervening 3rd WW.
Today, at this very moment, the United Nations HAVE THE POWER, to enforce such a proposal. All that is missing is the will. The will to stop killing each other.

Few people seem to realize that the Great Mystics on whose teaching most religions are supposed to have been based, never intended their followers to ‘go’ to heaven, but to create conditions of ‘heaven’ here and now. Happiness is the birthright of everyone single person, not just of the rich and famous.
“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full,” said Yeshûa (John 15:11), when he noticed that his followers began to equate their happiness with his presence.
“The Kingdom of God is within you,” he repeated, also to no avail, though even atheists know that ‘God’ resides in heaven, hence, also WITHIN you. Looking up at the stars doesn’t help.
Unfortunately one cannot make good money from such maxims. Nor can one control people’s minds. Nor enforce obedience. For that one needs a carrot and a stick. Like Heaven and Hell. Externalized. Eternal.

According to World Christian Encyclopedia “…there are 19 major world religions which are subdivided into a total of 270 large religious groups, and many smaller ones. 34,000 separate Christian groups have been identified…”

The “Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life” estimates that there are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, representing 84% of the 2010 world population of 6.9 billion.

And then, there is us. All that the Great Masters wanted to do was to make us happy. All of us. Regardless of any religion.
There are many more such tidbits in my books. Try them and let me know. And then share your views on Amazon. I need your input. Thanks. 

Inquiry into the Nature of Being.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Myth or Fact

Omnipresence of God was not, and still doesn’t appear to be, an acceptable concept to man. Until the teaching of Yeshûa (later known as Jesus), the idea of a god in “spirit” was beyond the understanding of most men. Of most people. Until Yeshûa, gods had been personified, individualized, assigned specific powers and attributes. Just like us, humans, in our insignificant ways.
Gods had the power to punish or reward the mortals, a concept readily adopted by Christianity for the sole purpose of controlling its faithful. Yeshûa’s affirmation that his Father punishes no man, was, and still is, studiously ignored.
Gods seldom if ever descended to earth. They abided in ‘heaven’, somewhere ‘up among the stars’. The lowest they ever deemed to descent was to mountaintops, to the very peaks of our Valley of Tears.
There were many such peaks.
In Judaism and descendant religions there was Mount Sinai. Their god didn’t exactly live there, but he chose to manifest his will from its lofty heights. Billions belonging to four leading religions of the world, Jains and Hindus among them, venerate Mount Kailash. Apparently god Shiva had chosen to stay there. The Zoroastrians venerate a purely mythical mountain, the Hara Berezaiti. Closer to home, the Roman god of fire, Vulcan, kept warm atop Mount Etna.
But probably the most famous of all was Mount Olympus. In Greek mythology it was the home of Twelve Olympians, (perhaps the precursors of the twelve apostles), who shared their home atop the Mytikas peak. To this day this mountain remains the source of many legends, and, indeed, an inspiration for my book, OLYMPUS—of Gods and Men. Its environs promised aegis from the turmoil that was sweeping the whole world. It seemed that some of my heroes might have been latest incarnations of some Greek gods, who for others live on only in the ancient myths. Below, a brief introduction to my story:

Even as all hell breaks loose in “Pluto Effect” (Book 2 of my Trilogy) our heroes escape to Milos, their beloved Greek Island. There under the aegis of Ambrosia and her family, they survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles. As governments and social structures collapse, a small group of advanced beings in a few sanctuaries assure survival of the remnants of human heritage. Eventually, Simon awakens to a new reality in which people become aware of magnificent powers lying dormant within them.

The gods may have indeed protected them from their wrath. While Yeshûa’s god could not behold evil, the Greek gods were subject to the same cycles of reincarnation as we all are, and thus in danger of succumbing to the same foibles.
Let me know if you like my book, and if you do, let others know on Amazon. And anywhere else you see fit.
Thank you.

PS. You might enjoy OLYMPUS more if you begin with books One and Two of the Trilogy.  
Thanks again.

Aquarius Trilogy Book III

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Strange Worlds Within

There are things we can see. Sometimes we can smell them, hear the noise they emit. Sometimes we can even taste them, or even hold them in our grasp. But none of them are real.
The physicists tell us that nothing perceptible to our senses is real. And yet, whatever we perceive within our mind does have its existence. Not as we perceive it, but it is there, wherever ‘there’ is. To simplify the issue I like to imagine that all things I am aware of exists in my mind. I strongly suggest that the same is true of you. Perhaps that is why you and I do not perceive things in the same way. That is why the Source individualized Itself through the attribute we call soul. Not the animal soul the Hebrews called nephesh, which is the way ancients referred to the Subconscious, or the sum-total of memory stored in every individualization of the Whole. No. I am referring to the Individualization Itself. To the I AM. To that Stranger within us who is using our bodies with all its attendant senses while enjoying the brief, transient experience in the phenomenal reality.
When the ancients referred to us as gods, they referred to that Entity, not to ego, which, while necessary for survival in the phenomenal reality, is as transient as the reality itself.
So what constitutes the ‘real’ reality?
It does not exist in absolute terms.
There are just two aspects to this term: the permanent, never-changing, eternally static Infinite Potential and… the ever-changing, transient, ephemeral, ‘unreal’, manifestation.
The Potential and the Manifested.
What joins them together into an inseparable Oneness is the ‘miracle’ we call Life. Life is action. It is the Creative Process itself. Nothing else. Just the Creative Process. It manifest as the creative energy of the mind, of emotions, imagination, and ultimately of our sensual perceptions. These energies are ever changing, metamorphosing, exuberant in their creative euphoria.

And that is why all concepts born within our minds, even those that never complete their creative journey to the finite manifestations in the phenomenal reality— are real. All my friends in my short stories, in my books, in my poetry—are real. They existed for that blessed moment of creation in my mind. And if you read about them, you’ll breathe life into them; you’ll resurrect them with the power of your mind. Sometimes they will reach even further and engage your imaginative powers, or energies, and they’ll become real to you also.
And sometimes they even reach objective reality wherein many, many people will share the same images which they’ll perceive with their inner senses, which in turn, if but for a transient, ephemeral moment will draw you into my world.
You’re welcome to share it. I’ve created it for you.
Enjoy them.

PS. Happy New Year!

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