Wednesday, 29 January 2014

On Evolution and Devolution

We talked about this before. Of course, the Truth resides within us, deep within our unconscious, and thus it needs to be continuously rediscovered. At least I find it so. So, if you are anything like me, let us reexamine the concept of evolution together.
Physically, all animals evolve, as does everything in nature. However, sometime ago a naughty girl picked up an apple and with an inviting gesture offered it to her boyfriend. And that is when problems began.
The girl’s name was Eve; his Adam. The story is obviously symbolic since the primates were plentiful and great many of them enjoyed apples in abundance. After all, they are tasty and nonfattening. In the actual fact, Eve symbolizes man’s ‘soul’—man being a generic term for human. The subconscious, translated from Hebrew ‘nephesh’, meaning animal-soul, was a concept unknown at the time.
The biblical story proposes that at a certain time in man’s evolution, man became aware of his subconscious. As the subconscious is the sum-total of all memories stored from time immemorial, it was high time to start experimenting. Only then man could become consciously aware what works and what doesn’t, and commit his experiences to his permanent memory storage, his subconscious, for further use. Poetically, the ancients called this selective process the knowledge of good and evil.
There was, however, a problem. Knowledge is power and power…. that’s right. Power tends to corrupt. Man’s new awareness was presumably intended to advance the scope of his consciousness, not the girth of his stomach. In other words it was intended to advance his higher aspirations and not physical control over physical reality. Why? Because, as we all know, physical reality is NOT real. It is 99,9999999999999% empty space, remember?
So the next time we eat a delicious apple, perhaps we ought to think about this. Adam and Eve didn’t sin, not in any moral or ethical sense. In the New Testament the word translated as ‘sin’, comes the Greek word ‘hamartia’ or ‘hamartano’ and it originates from the sport of archery. Its literal meaning is “missing the mark”. (Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism).
We forgot what the story of Adam and Eve stands for. If you want to learn more about it, you’ll find some essays that might attempt to unveil the secrets veiled in symbolism. Try my Beyond Religion I series. You might actually enjoy them. And if not, let’s talk. Your thoughts are important to me.

As for evolution versus devolution, you might be interested what my friends think about it. Contrary to some of us, they really are still evolving. I know. I speak to my friends, (cats mostly) daily. They don’t eat apples. They are in no danger of corruption. Not yet…

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Of Animals and Men

We, humans, are born with the benefit of billions of years of evolution. Trial and error, which seems to be the only proven method of advancement, led nature to equip us with near-miraculous immunological system that can protect us against almost anything, short of willful sabotage.
And this is where our illusory semblance of freewill comes in.
By the time we turn forty, we already consumed an abundance of destructive elements, which have little or no nutritional value. We grow fat, then obese, overtax our immune system, and complain that although we are so clever, much smarter than all the healthy animals, the world has turned against us. Actually, it is we who have turned against the world. Our immune system can no longer cope with the abuse to which we subject it.
Enter pharmaceutical/chemical industry.
“Keep eating,” they say, “we’ll take care of your aches and pains.”
We keep eating, and the chemical industrial complex absolves us by feeding us with a mass of poisonous substances, which while reducing momentarily our aches and pains, serve to further destroy our immune system. No matter, all we need do is to swallow more chemicals.
To our disbelieving eyes we find that what took nature billions of years to evolve we manage to destroy within a single generation by indulging in gluttony. Not only that, but by eating the wrong stuff.
Animals don’t do that. They are protected by inherent knowledge that some things should not be eaten, at least, not in excess. We, humans, have lost this ability. We eat sugar, vast amounts of carbohydrates that are immediately converted to sugars, excessive amount of salt and other chemical compounds that help us to develop a list of ailments. And if that weren’t enough, we poison our livestock we intend to eat with chemicals, which help to destroy our immune system.
We, humans, are sinking into the depth of depravity and stupidity. Our bodies are biological robots that nature developed to help us advance the evolution of our consciousness. We wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong substance into the gas-tanks of our cars, but we think nothing of destroying the engines that sustain our becoming.
Fancy that…

It doesn’t have to be like that. We destroy ourselves by a willful choice. There are books on the market, which show us how to overcome a whole gamut of ailments just by eating the right stuff. Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book is just one of them. He presents massive of evidence. Will it help?
As always, it is up to us.
 We live in a world of illusions. We are fooling ourselves that nature or some illusive Being sitting up upon a cloud, will take care of us.
We forget the admonition: “ye are gods”.
Good luck.

[PS. Last time I looked, my BMI (body mass index) was 9 lbs over. We are all in this together!]

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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Why is god He and not She? Surely an androgynous god would be more creative? I know that people like to have an anthropomorphic god, but why must it be a Man? Or is it a HE/SHE/IT Combined? The last being the Holy Spirit. Yet another mystery?
I don’t like mysteries.
Sometime ago I’d written an essay on the subject of Trinity. You can read it in Beyond Religion III. I discovered that it probably all originated with the sacred syllable AUM, the Medic Trimurti. The secret sound conceals the unrevealed Deity, the Swayambhouva, That which is That. That which has Its Being in and of Itself. Emanating from this ineffable Deity, the initial Source, the germ of the universe, are the three-in-one trinities forming a Supreme Whole. From AUM thus emanate the Nara, Nari and Viradyi, the initial triad. The Agni, Vaya and Sourya, the manifested triad that follows is still secret, intangible, esoteric.
The next Trimurti gave birth to religions.
Modern Hindûism offers us their Trinity as represented by the Brahma, the Vishnu and Siva (or Shiva), the creative triad. The Veda (the Brahmanas and the Bhagavad-Gita) proffers an elaborate commentary on the Trinity.
Brahma, a distant, inaccessible deity, is often equated with the universe He has created. Brahma in no way differs from God the Father of the Old Testament. In the first book of the Old Testament, the Genesis, He ‘single-handedly’ created the universe. As, the Vedas have now been proved by scholars to antedate the Jewish Bible by many ages, one can but wonder where the Hebrews got their idea. Where the New Testament differs from the Old and the Hindû versions is that in the later rendering, Brahma/Father needs a means, an instrument, through which the act of creation takes place.
Vishnu is the Preserver and Siva (or Shiva), the destroyer. Though Siva is referred to as the destroyer, I would suggest that, as in Buddhism, the only destruction that takes place is of one’s ego. Indeed, the final, or complete, return to the heavenly state of consciousness is impossible while we retain any vestiges of ego. After all, heaven is a ‘virtual’ state of consciousness, and there is nothing virtual about ego. More about this in my essay.

And now we have modern Trinities.
In the UK, we have a She, a they and a Them, i.e. the queen, the parliament and the House of Lords. In the US we prefer a president, the Congress and the Judiciary. In Canada the Governor General, the parliament, and the Senate. Always a Triad. It seems there is power the in the Power of Three. We all struggle with reality. Always…

Alex Baldwin, the hero of one of my Trilogies, also wrestled with the conflicting realities. The Freudian id, ego and superego.  Always a triad. The novel might help to illustrate the problems we all face. (You might benefit from reading Alec first. Alec just picked up some 5 star reviews.) I wonder what you think. 

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Monday, 13 January 2014


There is a tendency within the human species to throw everything we cannot understand into the realm of religion. The invisible, the demonic, divine, immortal, endless, and any other extreme must be of religious nature, we say. How else could such things happen
The same happened to Satan.
Since wars, murders, corruption, rape, diseases, and a dozen other horrid depravities begun sweeping the world in ever increasing numbers, it seems that Satan is a lot more powerful than God. Unless our concepts of God and Satan, or good and evil, are all wrong.
I often wondered how absurd we are to act this way. We create an almighty God in our image and likeness and then balance him (God seems to be invariably “Him” not “Her”) with an equally powerful Satan. It seems that the human race is quite incapable of imagining anything or anyone who is not steeped in duality.
Well, it seems, that the human race is wrong. And always has been. God and Satan are not good and/or evil. There is only a Single Source that is Infinite.
As far back as King David of the Old Testament, the wise men tried hard to dissuade us from this nonsense. YE ARE GODS, the Psalmist claimed. And ye shall have no other gods before ye, assures us Moses even further back in the hoary past.
Did we listen?
No. Perhaps there is no money in such a philosophy.
No. We ALL have the potential of being gods. The Potential which few, very few of us will attain. And those who do might find it very hard to refrain from the characterizations of Satan. The problem is that gods are extremely powerful, and—as we all know—extreme power leads to extreme corruption. Is there a way out?
 Not if we do not discover the truth before we live up to our potential. Otherwise we shall all gravitate towards Satan. And the first, the very first step towards the truth is to discover the true reality. For as long as we think of the material world as the ‘real’ world, we are bound to sink to its bottom. Call it gravitation.

We are NOT flesh and blood. We never were, we never shall be. We are states of consciousness which choose to embody a dualistic mode of becoming in order to become aware of the consequences of our potential, which, is infinite in BOTH directions.
There is only a singular source of Power. It is up to us how we shall channel it. Those who have no awareness of the power are not yet awake. Not yet alive.
Divinity remains in the middle, hence, it is the source of all. We decide if we shall gravitate to the left or right. Towards Godhood or Satanism. It’s our choice.
Good luck.
Do you agree?

Sacha, a young man who couldn’t quite understand human psyche never lost track of his true nature. It might give you ideas how to find your own. 

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Real Heaven

As always, the Truth hovers in the no-man’s land, suspended between science and religion. We have brains with which to think and hearts with which to listen.
Actually, there is no “real you”. There is only I. I AM, to be precise. If you read the book offered below, you’d get an idea how it works. As I also mentioned, the real I AM has Its being outside time or space. And yet we have developed the ability to have endless fun. If we’re lucky, on both sides of the Great Divide.
The problem with heaven is that it IS. It is not a state of becoming but a state of being. A permanent, eternal, euphoric state of being. Why euphoric? Because from the moment that time began in the hoary annals of eternity, we accumulated the memories of our excursions into the state of becoming and kept them for our pleasure in the unchangeable state of heaven.
Hence, whatever we have ever been, in whatever form; whatever experiences we have accumulated in our eternal spiral of life, we can enjoy in heaven. The difference is that we are no longer held liable for our mistakes. The only way we can eradicate things we don’t like is by re-entering the state of becoming and doing the opposite.
Hence reincarnations. The Wheel of Awagawan.
Theoretically we could stop at any moment. We could remain in heaven and abide in a state of fulminating stasis, eternally, enjoying all we’ve accomplished in the past.
Why stasis? Because nothing new can ever happen in a state of being. Why fulminating? Because everything we ever experienced is simultaneously available for us to re-experience again and again. Why simultaneously? Because there is no time in heaven. It is a state of being, remember?

We can choose “to go out” no more. But… why miss the fun? Eternity is such a long time and we can, literally forever, continue to enhance our storage of experiences, which would and will add to our heavenly reality. Remember, heaven IS. In my innermost nature I AM. Within the consciousness of heaven I cannot change.
That’s what life is for. Life is the condition of change. Of becoming. Eternal becoming? I hope so. After all, everything already exists in its potential form. That’s another facet of heaven. To convert the potential into an experience we need the act of living.
That’s how it works.
You can get a foretaste of heaven in your dreams. Aren’t they fun? But don’t forget the nightmares. Luckily, we can eradicate those. It is up to us. And once we “clean up” all our memories, get rid of the unpleasant ones, we can stop. Well, you can stop. I’d rather continue. For as long as it takes me to experience everything that has its inter being in the heavenly potential. Luckily, the potential is infinite.
Aren’t we lucky?

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

We are all Beings of Light

In the beginning…
Hence the problems started in earnest. Not only priests but also scientists began to make up stories how the world came to be. The Bible gave us one version. Other religions contributed their stories. Scientists, not to be left behind, came up with equally fascinating versions of what might have happened. All parties insisted that they, and only they, are right, but only the scientists have the decency to change their minds every so often.
Recently scientists decided that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate: that galaxies which are far away from us are receding faster than those closer to us.
Then problems started in earnest.
Some very wise men decided that not only religions have principles. Thus, scientists came up with the “Cosmological Principle”.
 Astronomer William Keel explains:
“Viewed on a sufficiently large scale, the properties of the Universe are the same for all observers.” Or as Andrew Liddle, Professor of astrophysics, puts it: "The cosmological principle [means that] the universe looks the same whoever and wherever you are." (v. Wikipedia).

So… wherever you are, the galaxies far from you recede faster from you than those close by. If you live on a planet a million light-years away from Earth, then Earth on which Keel and Liddle live, recedes from you faster than all those galaxies that are within a few light years of you?
Right. That’s what the scientists say.
I just love the stories they make up.
First they expected the big bang to end in a big crunch. Then they needed extra gravitational pull for this to happen, so they invented “black (invisible) matter”. When that wasn’t enough, in a wink and a tickle they threw in “black energy”, equally as invisible, but pushing the universe away from us to make their theories work.
Frankly, religions make more sense. They always had invisible forces doing this that and the other, to make the universe work. With all the due respects, it all sounds like universal poop. No, I don’t mean the aftermost and highest deck at the stern of a sailing ship, but poop that you find in a WC if someone forgets to flash your toilet.
Trust me. Wherever your ship sails, it will not get you there under the guidance of most religions or, regrettably, of any scientists, who only observe the poop as it once was and call it the big bang. Wow! Talk of Big Poop!

I propose to you that the opposite is true. The natural state of the universe is light. As the enormity of photons unavoidably collide, their vibrations slow down, acquire mass, and collapse into matter, which continues to contract. Eventually matter collapses into black holes, which collapse into bigger black holes, which eventually explode into light.
We are here just for the ride. It’s called life.
Aren’t we lucky? We, the real we, are individualized states of the omnipresent consciousness. We join the procession of photons, observe — and continue as passers by. 

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