Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Shortest Route to indescribable Wealth

We are told not to worry about tomorrow. For people who are not aware that the author of this avocation was not speaking about our temporary, brief, stay on Earth, his statement may sound a little misleading. Yeshûa when sharing with us his perceptions was, I suspect, invariably thinking of us as indestructible units of consciousness, and not as animals who think that they are smarter than any other animals. 
As a matter of fact, there are dozens of animals who can do a great deal more then we, humans, can. We can’t fly (like every bird, fly or a bee), swim deep under the water (like every fish) get to a tree a thousand miles away without a GPS (a butterfly can), ‘see’ at night without eyes (like bats can) and dozens of other traits at which we cannot compete with animals developed for that purpose.
If we are so inferior to most of fauna, perhaps there are other traits we have been intended to develop. Other than drinking beer, eating chips and attending baseball matches. Writing? It depends what we write about.

Perhaps we are intended to be concerned with that within us that is immortal, and in some respects omnipresent. Nature disposed us with a great brain, yet our memory is inferior to an elephant. It can’t be that either then. A mind is a means, not an end.

So what is there that’s left?
Think of the state of your mind, your being, when you sleep. Most of the time is used by our body to repair damage we’ve done to it during the day. But then, there are usually up to six phases of sleep, which are characterized by rapid eye movement, usually referred to as RIM. During those periods we dream.
With practice, we can all learn to become aware that we are dreaming. Yes, while we actually dream. This is referred to by aficionados as lucid dreaming. What it means is that the total freedom of movement, which we all experienced at one time or another while dreaming, we can actually command with our will.
This is the life of our subconscious. When we dream we have the totality of our memories at our disposal. Wherever we place our attention, there we are. While dreaming we can fly better than a bird, a fly or a bee, swim under water better than a fish, be stronger than a lion, remember better than an elephant, and cover incredible distances in a twinkle of an eye, arriving precisely where we want to be, without a GPS. Yet, that is our real realm. And with a little effort we can add more and more experiences to our dream world, to our subconscious, and then replay all our experiences while dreaming in full consciousness.
That is our future. Our private, individual Kingdom. Our indescribable Wealth.
So don’t worry about tomorrow. Just enjoy the present!
Ah yes. We can also see at night, better than a bat!

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