Saturday, 6 July 2013

Land of the Free

This is not the title of a historical novel. It most certainly is what once made America so great. Anyone who tried really hard could make it. There was always room at the top. Was it always worth it?
Anyone who concentrated on the tangible, on money and material goods, would ultimately grow up to be a loser. One day they’d have to leave it all behind.
Is there a way out?
We take with us only our state of consciousness—our emotions, thoughts, our ideas. The shelf life of all three is much longer than that of anything physical. Amassing material goods would keep up on the Wheel of Awagawan, or walking in circles. Round and round and round… always repeating the same mistakes.
And yet the answer is so easy.
Once we realize that we’re immortal we begin to collect only that which lasts forever, or at least longer then our physical stint on Earth. 
That’s what the Great Masters have taught. Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa… They’d all reached the same conclusion that “Truth would set us free.”

None of them advocated poverty but all advocated establishment of priorities. If we could derive pleasure and happiness from things that are not physical, we’d have it made. Or, at the very least, have a great deal to fall back on. We’d also stop being dependant on others.
We’d become passers by. We’d love what we see, we’d enjoy the pleasures the world offers us, but we wouldn’t strive for them. We’d rejoice in whatever we were given. We’d work for the pleasure that work gives us, we’d create for the pleasure of creating. We’d need little to sate our physical needs, yet we never run short: magnanimity of the Universe looks after its own. 
This truth would make us independent. It would free us from the rat race, from greed, from keeping up with the Joneses.
That’s real freedom! After all, we do have freewill!

On the other hand, the Universe is still evolving. If so, then there may still be some Fundamental Flows in the Universal Laws…

When first I filled the glory of My heaven
With say… a billion, perhaps a trillion stars,
I never thought, to My great disdain,
You’d fill your streets with just as many cars.

Just to enchant you; you my favourite children,
I gave you love’n beauty, above and below,
only to find, to my further chagrin
that even I can make a fundamental flaw.

I thought I’d made you, truly in My likeness.
Hoping love’n beauty will give you a great thrill.
Alas even I, Almighty as I AM,
have erred, well… divinely, by giving you free will.

See what Anne did in the Headless World, the sequel to the Avatar Syndrome. On the other hand, we each have our own, individual paths. Yours may be even better.  

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