Sunday, 14 July 2013

Killing, Snooping, and Lying

I have no desire to enter into a polemic regarding the righteousness of decisions made by any duly elected government. I’m sure they all do the best they can. I only question their insistence of calling themselves Christians.

Their actions speak otherwise.

Their persistent determination to ignore Thou shalt not kill Commandment is the best evidence how they have absolutely no regard for any teaching associated with Judeo-Christian Ethic.
None at all.

Recently, another inconvenient truth became exposed. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour is ignored as diligently as the first example. Those in power, claim that they lie to protect us. This appears to be true of most if not all of the western governments. They lie even when they don’t have to lie. Perhaps “politics” is just a euphemism for prevarication?

Why is it that our illustrious rulers are supposedly so concerned with the preservation of our physical lives, yet have absolutely no interest in protecting our souls? And if so, why do they continue to call themselves Christians? Or Jews?


According to Wikipedia, George W. Bush, this paragon of Christian Ethic who called himself a “new born Christian”, with the avid assistance and vigorous abetting from his Western Allies, has been directly responsible for the death of between 176,000 and 1,033,000 people—predominantly civilians. The Lancet, one of the oldest scientific medical journals in the world, puts the figure of violent deaths in Iraq, just between March 2003 and June 2006, at 601,027. Take your pick. Apparently one death is a tragedy; a million—just a statistic.

Actually, the whole Western Coalition can be proud of their homicidal achievements. Only… why do they continues call themselves Christians? How do they reconcile their actions with: “Love thy enemy”?

I refuse to sit in judgment over any authorities, which deem it necessary to kill hundreds of thousands in order to, seemingly, protect their own citizen. Observing three wars, killing is their business.
What I object to are the lies that accompany both snooping and killing. A substitute Host on Charlie Rose’s TV program began the discussion with words: “The Age of Terror”.

 9/11 cost in lives (including the hijackers’) was less then 3000. The number of traffic fatalities on US roads alone in 2011, the lowest in 62 years, was 32,367. Will snooping on all of us diminish this horrendous number?

Isn’t that what makes this “The Age of Horror”?
Do the governments really care about the lives of their citizen? Or is their pseudo-humanitarian stance also a pack of lies. Will the authorities snooping on their people really reduce these fatalities?
Killing our bodies will only accelerate our reincarnation. The constant lies tend to kill peoples’ psyche. Their souls.


Perhaps we needn’t fight, kills, or eavesdrop on each other. Perhaps we are all intended to manifest higher aspirations. Like Winston and the people he inspired. Let me know. It's worth a try.

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