Saturday, 27 July 2013

An Eye for a Camel

I always regarded the USA as the arbiter of successful living. Hence the USA was the indomitable goal to be emulated by everyone. What they’d accomplished since 1776 is admirable beyond compare.
Presumably we search for riches with the explicit purpose of giving ourselves pleasure. We wish to live in full knowledge that life that we are creating for ourselves will satisfy all needs that define our happiness. And yet, it seems, that most of us recognize heaven as the ultimate state of happiness. A paradox? Nevertheless, most people I know equate contentment with money. I must assume that there must be an amount of money which they would define a happiness.
I wonder.
The latest figures published in Wikipedia are as follows:
In the USA there are 425 billionaires, and 3,104,000 millionaires. During the reign of Barak Obama, the number of millionaires has swollen by 1.1 million, bringing to total to about 0.977098% of the populations. That, according to money-chasers, leaves a little more then 99%, of people miserable.

At the same time, 73% of polled American identify themselves as Christians, down from 86% in 1990. They must know that: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”
This means that only a tiny percentage are likely to miss the bliss of heaven—a little less than 1%.
That’s what I call a real Christian success. Only the rich will stew in their greed, or in the cauldron of burning oil, while the rest of us can rejoice in a state consciousness that cannot be denied by IRS or by any other authority.

Actually, the fat cats don’t have to worry. I believe that only the love of money stands in their way, not money itself. So… even the rich have a way out. Let’s watch them and see how many of them will find it.
Still, I’ll miss those 3+ million. On the other hand, perhaps, just perhaps, with only 73% being Christian, none of them are rich! Not even one! No harm in hoping.
But I’m worried. As I observed the continuous race  after the almighty dollar, it led me to compose this Sad Soliloquy:

Am I better off, superior?
For having been divine
in my origin—rather than
emerging from primeval slime?

Am I any better, wiser?
Am I kinder, more sweet,
knowing, which end is up
my head or my feet?

Judging by the way
we, the humans, act,
we are still all apes
(an indisputable fact).

They say the Lord in heaven
had a momentous plot:
He’d made us in His image.
And now I say: So what?

This little soliloquy is for the 73% only. For others there is also one of my books. It’s called DELUSIONS — Pragmatic realism. See if you agree…

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