Monday, 20 May 2013


One can but wonder why people are surprised. What we see happening in the world has been foreseen, one might say foretold—though this word has religious overtones and what I am about to share with you has nothing to do with any religion.
It’s back to the old story of Zodiac. Each Zodiacal Age of about 2160 years is intended to serve as an opportunity for us to learn a new lesson. This has nothing to do with astrology either. It is a protracted study of patterns, which people had observed over many thousands of years. It is neither religious nor mumbo-jumbo of gazing into the stars, but simply powers of observation of things that we do not dismiss just because we don’t like them, or we find them difficult to accept.
Yet, as Dr. Phil has so often affirmed, “past behaviour is the best indication of future behaviour”.
It’s a simple as that.
The ancient prophets reached back into their subconscious memories, and observing events contemporary to their times projected past experiences into the future. We all can do it, if we put enough effort into it. In fact we all are doing it, only on a much smaller scale.
During the Age of Ram (Aries), we were supposed to have taken charge of our thoughts. We now know that “thoughts are things” which formulate our future. Thus by controlling our thoughts, we control our futures.
During the Age of Fish (Pisces), which will technically end ca. 150 years from now, (although I tend to place its waning around the beginning of the industrial revolution), we have been intended to learn the interrelationship of all life, sometimes interpreted to mean as “loving one another”.
Had we paid heed to the past lessons, today would have turned out quite differently.
Because the Age of Aquarius deals with the empowerment of the individual. People who in the past had been subjected to enforced obedience and servility will no longer tolerate such conditions. They will now be empowered “to do unto others as has been done unto them” for many, many years. Karmic debt? Furthermore, at the onset of each new Age there is a cleansing process, a cleaning up of our mindset, our consciousness, which often results in quite drastic consequences. Yet we all know, by now, that one cannot “pour new wine into old skins”, or to put it in modern language, we cannot absorb new ideas, new states of consciousness, without making room for them in our minds. We cannot serve two divergent ideologies. The cleansing process can be quite painful.
Hence… terrorism.

My novel WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality takes place during the final years of the Age of Pisces. My next novel, about to be published, the Pluto Effect, will attempt to define the implications of the transient period leading to the Age of Aquarius. Book Three of the Aquarius Trilogy is yet to come. Enjoy!

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  1. Interesting take on the causal chain of human development, leaving us stuck in the terrorist mindset at this time. Labeling certain human actions as terrorism was an arbitrary and self-serving choice by those inconvenienced by the results of their own aggression. When people fight back for their very existence, right of self-defense and freedom, only their enemies call it terrorism.