Thursday, 23 May 2013

Spirit and Matter

We tend to regard spirit as something ethereal, leaning on the religious, to be revered, worshiped on bended knee. It is all of these, but it is also synonymous with breath, ergo with life, and thus with that which precedes all physical manifestations. But most of all, it is an intangible, perfect idea which can only be experienced in a manifested form.
Hence, “the word (logos, idea) was made man”.
Physically spirit, by its very definition, does not exist any more than an idea that has not been translated into ‘something’. That has not been ‘manifested’. Until spirit, the intangible perfect idea, is translated into a physical, or at least mental (as in philosophy) or emotional (as in music) form it remains static. It is not part of the ever-changing reality of becoming. It is not alive.
No two people regard our reality in an identical way. No two people hear Mozart’s Requiem in an identical way. Only the idea behind both remains perfect. We… dilute it with our limitations.
Idea is the potential waiting to be discovered and manifested. And that is why I am so interested in Human Potential. When an ancient Psalmist averred that “We are gods”, he meant that our potential is infinite; endless, immortal, not limited by time of space, but capable of manifesting the infinite in a finite form.
Hence, whatever is physical, being finite remains ever imperfect. Only the original idea was and remains perfect. If we could conceive of the human body as an idea, no sickness would invade us. This is of what the so-called faith healing idea is based on. Assuming it could exist, this is how it would manifest itself. And if it doesn’t exist as yet in our reality, than it is still within our potential to manifest it.
We are gods, remember?
And scriptures cannot be broken… assuming we understand them, of course.
That is why fundamentalists, or even brilliant biologists/ethologists such as R. Dawkings, who remain painfully unaware of symbolism, do so much more harm than good. No scriptures I ever read had anything to do with any religion. They all deal with accumulated knowledge of the ancients attempting to understand the reality in which we have our becoming.
Unfortunately members of sacerdotal societies twisted this knowledge and used it to control people’s minds and emotions. As do all ignorant people on both sides of the religious or scientific equation.

I tried to expose some of the misinterpretations in my book DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. I am hardly qualified to give you infallible answers, but the idea that lives within me demands that, at the very least, I share with you the truths that I became aware of. Let me know what you think. 

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