Wednesday, 8 May 2013

No Offense Intended

Since I retired, I’d published more than 30 books. I’m working on two more. Of course that doesn’t mean much unless the books have some quality. Some literary value. Only you can decide on that.
I write on Human Potential. I know that the market is already saturated with erotic romance, murder, suspense, UFOs, sex, vampires, werewolves, and other human foibles. It seems that most of us find only such subjects entertaining.
To each his and/or her own.
After all, many are called and only a few, very few are chosen. Only a few are interested in our ultimate potential. If they are, this fact alone doesn’t make them better or worse; it just makes them very different from the vast majority of people. It only means that their interests lie in other spheres of the human endeavour. Perhaps in arts, or philosophy, or even poetry… in aspects belonging to the realm of the mind rather than the body. 

And then there are those who are completely devoid of any human traits. They spend their time changing their FB profile pictures. They seem quite oblivious how ugly they might be. Physically, I mean. I know nothing of their souls. They change their images weekly, some daily… not that I checked. It seems to be their only intellectual challenge. It seems that they have nothing else to offer to humanity, indeed, to his or her own soul or psyche.
It has been said that to him that has—more shall be given; and for him that has not—even that shall be taken away. Or from her, I presume. Words to that effect. I’m fairly sure that the evangelist wasn’t talking about people’s bank accounts, sexual prowess, or even the frequency of displaying photos of themselves. Rather, I suspect, about what they’ve accomplished with what has been given to them. With their hidden talents that might, in some cases, remain hidden forever. Or until they atrophy.
Until… they are taken away?
And the frightening thing is that every single man and woman on Earth has a unique gift to offer to the rest of humanity. A gift so unique that they had to be born just for one purpose—to share it. Is there really anyone amongst us who thinks that the sole purpose of a male or female of the human species is to change, often, their FB profile photos?
Alas, many, very many, appear to think so.

And then we might wonder how others might look at us. Not other people, we already know that. Other species. Like cat and dogs. You can get a pretty good idea in Cats and Dogs. Let me know what you think. If you want to write a review, ask for a free copy. 

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