Saturday, 11 May 2013

Are we smarter than Nature?

I am still to meet a scientist who could create, make, or construct a human being. If fact, I would be in awe of a man or woman who could create/make/construct a lowly bug, an insect equipped with the same versatility which nature offers its creations. To move around, often to fly, to procure its food, to procreate, often to be very beautiful. That last is the fringe benefit with which nature with her abundant benevolence treats us.
And how do we treat nature?
We, with our inexplicable pride, or perhaps dismal stupidity, or just impudence that can only be human, we try to change nature’s rules. To correct them. We think we know better.

Pain tells us that something is wrong. Are we grateful for the hint? Do we eliminate the cause? No, we take a pill to eliminate the pain.
Overeating causes dozens of diseases. Do we stop stuffing ourselves? No, here, in the West, we are more obese than in any other part of the world. Why? Because we can, that’s our only reason. Yet nature’s rule is simple: if you can catch it, you can eat it. I don’t care if it’s a tomato, a head of cabbage or a wild animal. Catch it—eat it. Can’t catch it—leave it alone. Follow nature’s rule and live a long and healthy life.
We don’t.
Animals are born, they live, often procreate, and then die. Humans are given to reach to higher aspirations. Yet most of us just procreate, and when the time comes to die, we fight death with drugs and rules and regulations, which do not allow us to die in peace. We still die, but the last years we often spend in a vegetative state; often, at least part of the time, lying in our own excrement. It’s called dying with dignity! We think that we know better than nature when we should go.
We don’t.
Fever is nature’s way of fighting off a disease, to kill the viruses or bacteria that threaten our wellbeing. This is our immune system’s response with which nature has equipped us. We take pills to reduce the body temperature. Then we take so many antibiotics that bugs become immune to them.
We don’t become immune to bugs.
Nature has equipped 14 year-old girls to get pregnant. Nature also equipped them with a brain. Do we allow them to use their brains to buy contraceptive pills? No. Don’t get pregnant and don’t listen to nature. We alone know better.
Sounds pretty stupid to me.

Nature has her own way to have it her own way. One example is illustrated in my novel, The Avatar Syndrome. You may not agree with everything in it, but at least, if you like music, you’ll enjoy the story. 

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