Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to add to the Matrix of the Universe

Some years ago, I’d written some of essays on creativity. If interested, you’ll find them in Beyond Religion I and my other BR collections. And in the same way that Einstein had advanced geometry beyond Euclid without denying the veracity of his predecessor’s conclusions, I hope that I, in my minuscule way, have advanced beyond my early assertions not by denying them, but by building on them.
You be the judge.
There is one fundamental difference. My new a priori is that everything already exists in its potential form. As such, our participation in the creative process has been drastically revised. We do not make up new ideas. They already exist within our unconscious, within the unconscious of the universe, if you prefer.
The two are one.
What we do is to bring them out from the unconscious into the conscious reality. From the invisible, intangible, to the palpable, physical reality.
The question is how!
We are given a hint from Johan Sebastian Bach. The great composer had many children. Being a nice guy, he wanted to feed them and this entailed giving an inordinate number of concerts. On one occasion, an admirer had asked how he managed to put so much emotion into his music.
“Easy,” the master replied. “You need only three things: technique, technique and technique…”
“But, Sir,” interrupted the admirer. “Your music so filled with emotion…”
“…and then you forget the technique and just play from your heart.”

The point Bach made is quite elementary. If we want to partake in the creative process of the universe, we must work, work and then work some more. Only then we might be among the chosen few… because, unbeknownst to many, it is we who do the choosing. We become worthy of becoming co-creators of the universe.
And when we realize that, when we fully realize that we are an integral part of the universal creative process, we are given a chance to bask in the glory of the process itself. Because it is never the things that ‘we’ create that matter. It is always the process itself. Sometimes the process is also called life. Or becoming. Or full awareness that the universe and the process and we are all one.
We must never forget that whatever we create it transient. When we identify with the eternal process itself, we become immortal.
Good luck!

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