Friday, 9 March 2012

Ye are gods? (#15)

Continued research for a historical novel: Peter and Paul

In Blog #10 I quoted the scriptures that, under certain circumstances, we have to power to “move mountains”. While the statement is probably symbolic, ‘mountains’ symbolizing raised states of consciousness (see Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism), the statement assumes new meaning in the light of today’s knowledge of physics. Firstly, we already move mountains by ‘hands’, i.e. by our advanced machinery. The question is can we move them by the power of our minds – directly, without resorting to our heavy equipment? Modern physics state that matter surrounding us, indeed of which we are all composed, is… 99.999999999999% empty space (see discussion in Delusions – Pragmatic Realism). In the light of this fact, moving mountains is paramount to moving the lightest of feathers, indeed, a tiny spec of dust.
It seems that Yeshûa must have known of the illusory nature of the world we live in. But our faith, rather than the truth (which has been predicted to “set us free”) is much stranger. We know that the chair we sit on is virtually empty space, yet we believe it to be solid and thus it supports our (equally illusory) weight. Please note: all this is science, not religion. Pure 21st century science. 

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