Thursday, 29 March 2012

Apostles and Demons? (#21)

Continued research for my next historical novel: Peter and Paul

Not everyone realizes that the story of Peter and Paul is also, if not essentially, a powerful murder story. We know that eight of the twelve apostles have been murdered in vile, horrifying ways; echoes of the popular ‘thriller’ Angels and Demons.
At the beginning of the modern era, just following Anno Domini 1, things were tough.
A small group of people dared to stand up to the powers that be, against the mighty Rome, the Jewish oligarchy, against various factions, both secular and religious, which wanted to maintain status quo. There was no freedom of religion in those days. Remember Socrates some 400 years earlier? (I touch on the subject in Alexander - Alexander Trilogy Book II). He dared to think for himself and was forced to drink hemlock. Not much has changed in the Middle East since his day. Now that you mention it, in some mid-eastern countries, not much has change to this day. Could that be karmic justice?

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