Monday, 19 March 2012

And what Paul? (#19)

Continued research for my next historical novel: Peter and Paul

Paul never met Yeshûa. He taught what he thought Yeshûa may have taught. Rather like the priests, padres and preachers of today, not to mention TV evangelists.
Researching the Nag Hammadi Library (see: Key to Immortality), it seems to me that Yeshûa imparted secret knowledge to his immediate entourage only. Perhaps only the apostles. Thus Paul’s knowledge was secondhand. Paul may have had his visions and inspired revelations, but not direct knowledge or gnosis.
There is, it seems, no substitute for the real thing. I wonder how I can convey this fact to my readers without diminishing his, i.e. Paul’s, contribution to the spreading of the ‘faith’. No matter how wrong he may have been.


  1. Just tell it like it is. What else can you do? let the reader decide whether Paul's letters/sermons conveyed a message from spirit or are his own ideas. Paul did not seem to have the same attitude towards women being equal with men that Yeshua conveyed. And to this day, in Jewish synagogues, women are still separated from the men.

  2. Thank you, Joan, your comments are always welcome and valuable.