Sunday, 11 March 2012

Atheists or believers? (#16)

Continued research for a historical novel: Peter and Paul

By Gnostic standards, only those people are true atheists who have not succeeded, as yet, in performing acts with, or by, their states of consciousness. Whatever that might mean. It is a sort of, “Look, Ma, no hands.”
Yet this is, it seems to me, exactly what Yeshûa managed to convey to his followers. In those days, I assume, “to be born again”, (as the saying goes amongst some people today, like George W. Bush), did not consist of walking around singing Jeeeeeezus, or Looooord, but in discovering within us the infinity and the affinity of I AM. Apparently Yeshûa managed to plant the seed of immortality in his immediate followers (see Key to Immortality). It’s amazing what you can do if you consider yourself to be closely related to Mary Poppins. 
BTW, I hate preachy books. Can anyone tell me how to write this novel without being preachy?

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