Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Secret Place? (#14)

Continued research for a historical novel: Peter and Paul

Peter asked Yeshûa, “Lord, where go you? Jesus answered him, Where I go, you can not follow me now; but you shall follow me afterwards.” (John 13:36)
The response Peter got implies that Yeshûa knew his destination, thus he must have visited it before. Likewise, it states that Peter will follow him, i.e. Yeshûa later. It suggests that Yeshûa was familiar with his impending destination. Where?
To quote Shakespeare, “that is the question”.
The problem is that writing a historical novel, I cannot get lost in the “mambo-jumbo” (no offence intended) of religious interpretations. All statements must make logical sense. Yes, logical sense.
It seems to me that there is only one ‘place’ one can ‘go’ without physically leaving the earthly environs, and that is to go within. The travel takes place within your consciousness. There are ways.

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