Monday, 30 January 2012

The Secret of Shavuoth (#5)

(Continued research for historical novel)

It is obvious that Peter and Paul could not benefit from later terminology to express emotions, metal states, and suchlike, as we have now. Yet mental aberrations, deviations from the accepted norm must have existed. One can but wonder how P & P dealt with them, how they described them. It seems that symbolism to explain the unexplainable must have been in high demand. Obviously, the apostles could not benefit from the achievements of Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung or any other psychiatrists/psychologists/students of human nature.
Yet they, Peter and his small band of men, managed to completely change the state of consciousness of tens of thousands of people, without driving them mad. Amazing! What fantastic powers of persuasion! And… what they offered must have been completely revolutionary. The question is what???
It is evident that something profound and unexplainable must have taken place on the feast of Pentecost. What was it?
What was, what must have been, the secret of Shavuoth?

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