Thursday, 26 January 2012

Peter and Paul and Omnipresence (#3)

(Research for historical novel, cont.)

I am beginning to see Peter and Paul’s problem.
The dogmas with which I have been brought up state that God is omnipresent. Thus, perforce, I am within God. However, since God is omnipresent, likewise perforce, She (It? The Universal Principles?) is (are) also within me. Interesting. I’m not sure how this fits in with the tenets with which Peter and Paul have been brought up. Hopefully, we shall find out.
Perhaps the fullness of this understanding explains the indescribable expressions of euphoria depicted by the old masters on the faces of mystics. The many martyrs of Peter and Paul’s days are said to have met their death with a blissful smile. It is as if they knew something we don’t. In a way, this book is an attempt to unravel this mystery.

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