Monday, 23 January 2012

My new Historical Novel, Peter and Paul

A good way to celebrate a new blog (you can find my previous attempts on Author’s Den and at Goodreads) is by sharing with you the research I just begun for my new historical novel. My preliminary title is Peter and Paul. Yes, the biblical duo who were often accused by some accredited by others, for creating a religion, which conquered the minds of the western world.

Few of us know that Peter and Paul did not see eye to eye. In fact they differed greatly on the interpretation of Yeshûa’s teaching. Yeshûa, or more correctly Yehoshûa is the real name of Jesus, supposedly the Greek equivalent. And even then Jesus has been pronounced Yesus; thus when one attempts to “speak in the name of Jesus”, one ought to know what the name  stands for. And that is, more or less, how the book has began. With the real meaning of Yeshûa, who never intended to create any religion. This privilege, apparently, was taken up, firmly by his followers.

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