Saturday, 28 January 2012

Shavuoth or later, Pentecost (#4)

(Continuous research for historical novel)

Apart from Yeshûa – Personal Memoir... (my outright bestseller), writing a historical novel is nothing like any other novel I’ve ever written. It is still “fantasy”, an expression of writer’s imagination, but, to be honest, if one describes real people of the past, one is obliged to do them justice as best one can. Is it not easy if they’ve been dead for some 2000 years.
I had to learn about Peter’s village, his life as a fisherman, perhaps even his state of mind. And then to retrace how his life may have unfolded. My book will probably start the day before the Pentecost. That Greek word meaning 50th. It refers to 50th day after Passover, the day the Jews commemorate as the day on which the Hebrews had been promised enlightenment. The Ten Commandments. Of course they didn’t call it Pentecost. That is the name the followers of Yeshûa adopted from the Hebrew feast of Shavuoth.
And, surprise, on that day a bunch of (with the possible exception of Matthew), uneducated, illiterate guys, hiding, scared stiff, cowering in their own shadow, suddenly got up and began preaching the Good News.
Coincidence? Myth?
Fascinating. Should be quite a book!

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