Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Yah and El Mystery (#6)

(Continued research for a historical novel)

I’ve learned about Yah, or Yahweh, but there is a new problem. There is also El. It is to be fond in compound names only. It stands for (symbolizes) the divine principle in human consciousness. You could say, your Higher Self. It is that through which we can contact the Existing One, the Jehovah or Yahweh. As such, (to quote from my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism, see above), it symbolizes the union of the Father (masculine) and Mother (feminine) principles, making the Third, thus El represent the trinity or completeness.  You can find it in Is-Ra-El: the feminine, the masculine and the unifying principle.
Interestingly enough, we all know where Is and Ra originate. Is - (I suspect from Isis) the feminine principle, Ra - (the Egyptian sun god), the masculine principle or our conscious mind.
And this is where the problem really drifts away from any Christian teaching I ever heard. Names like Eliah, or Elijah, or Eliel, all biblical names, state that the two are one. They state that El and Yah (Jehovah) are inseparable, that they are one. Echoes of “I and my father are one” (John 10:30). Interesting? Not even close to Christian teaching. The problem is that long before Yeshûa was born, this statement applied to everybody. Not just to Yeshûa, later, as the Christian teaching proclaims. Hence, so many Hebrew names listed above. That is how we are made. Constructed. Created. It must have been equally as shocking, as blasphemous, to them, to the Gentiles, as it sounds to us.
And yet? The Bible is supposed to be right. Right?
Peter and Paul had quite different problems than I ever imagined. They had to convey this knowledge, or philosophy to the gentiles. Wow! Do you think they made it?

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