Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Secret of Shavuoth (#9)

(Continuous research for historical novel: Peter and Paul)

I think I’m beginning to get it. It seems that without the study of symbolism one is unlikely to uncover the secret discovered by the few, some 2000 years ago.
Going back to Is-Ra-El, I forgot to mention that Is, the feminine aspect, also stands for our subconscious, which is the sum-total of all the knowledge we have acquired over our individualized existence. That would account for billions of years.
We must remember that Is-ra-el is an androgynous concept. It applies in all its components to both men and women.
Now, perhaps the intense desire of the apostles, probably anchored in genetic memory of expecting the enlightenment associated with Shavouth, caused them to finally understand what Yeshûa had been trying to tell them for 3 full years. Was he telling his disciples that when you enter a state of mind wherein the conscious and the subconscious become unified (as in OBE or lucid dreaming), then you acquire powers that seem miraculous? We think nothing of performing miracles, in our dreams, outside the confines of time or space. Yet, when we wake up, we lose this capacity.
Well, at least for a while, the apostles didn’t. Apparently the Christ could invoke this mental state at will. Perhaps, one day, we all shall.
To achieve this end, however, we need a complete change of attitude, perhaps best explained in my Key to Immortality.


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