Friday, 24 February 2012

Can anyone perform Miracles? (#10)

(Continuous research for historical novel: Peter and Paul)

There are more things on heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt in your philosophy.
Hamlet, Shakespeare, Act 1, scene 5.

Or could it be that we have the capacity to unify the two hemispheres of our brain? In my novel The Avatar Syndrome I discussed the possible consequences of such a union. The book is a novel, but, as usually, I’ve spent endless hours on trying to learn how our brain works.
This was getting intriguing. Did people in the past have abilities that were since lost?
Peter and Paul did not have my options on hand. It seems that they conquered the mystery by an effort of will, or of meditation – as eastern yogis are said to do. I’ve read of many cases of humans performing acts that defied physical limitations – yet, they have been confirmed by many unbiased witnesses. The problem is how to perform what we regard as miracles at will. How to create conditions which awaken within us our dormant, latent power.
And make no mistake about them. The latent powers are there, waiting to be rediscovered. As a species we are becoming more and more materialistic. Perhaps we ought to look back and see if there isn’t something we might learn from the past.
My job as a writer is to make this human potential real and believable to the readers of Peter and Paul, without using any modern terminologies that, obviously, didn’t exist in their time. And… to make the novel exciting.
I suppose you’ll just have to wait and see… (please, do!). But one thing I can promise you. You will get the answer to the quandary of miracles. 

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