Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Our Best Friends

In December last year, I wrote a blog in which I described the Few, the Many, and the Third Party. They defined the few people who practiced what they know, the larger group who heard about the Truth but choose to ignore it, and the vast masses who never heard about what makes us human.
Most of us are aware that the human species manifests a whole range of intelligence. I’d define intelligence as acumen necessary for survival. Our abilities in this field range from imbeciles to geniuses. Seemingly, we are not aware that the same range exists among other animals. The elephants have their matriarchs, lions and gorillas have their singular leaders, as do many herds of herbivorous species. The echelons of  migrating birds are led by the head of the V formations, the bees and even the ants have their queens.
Yes. We are not the only species which expresses exuberant diversity.
There is however, a fundamental difference between the human species and the rest of the animal kingdom. While physical survival is paramount among the general fauna, we, humans, have evolved not just to sustain our bodies, but also, and particularly, that which finds its expression through us.
I find it deeply gratifying to note that cats and dogs seem to be on the same evolutionary track. While still in the initial stages of their development, their ties of amity not only to the families with which they live but often to other animals of other species, are manifestations of love. The centripetal force that binds us all together is already vibrant within their psyche. They affirm, through their behaviour, that indeed we are all One.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. We are not independent units or self-centered entities. All men and women, males and females of all genres and all species, are just diversified expressions of the omnipresent Life Force. This ubiquitous Consciousness appears to develop or evolve Its theoretical potential into pragmatic, if still enigmatic to most if not all of us, purposes. Each and every one of us is an individualization of that single and Singular Force. The only difference between us and other species is that we, humans, are intended to consciously participate in this enigmatic plan. All other species also do so, though as yet only at subliminal or instinctive level. All of them.
Yet, cats and dogs appear to manifest conscious awareness of the power of love. Of the centripetal Force that draws us together into an omnipresent Singularity.
Perhaps that is why we love them with reciprocal passion.

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  1. Since writing these stories, we adopted two more cats, Pimpa2 and Mimi. While Pimpah keeps telling us stories, Mimi produces operatic aria, hence her name.

  2. "E pluribus unum" is a 13-letter phrase on the Seal of the United States.