Thursday, 11 August 2016

AWAKENING—Event Horizon

We, you and I, and every single atom within and without our bodies are in the process of eternal recycling. They are made up of tiny strings of energy in a continuous condition of flux. They are the outer expression of what we are within. We whirl around and around until the centrifugal force throws us into the outer realms of the phenomenal Universe. Now and then we return to the Event Horizon and decide if we need more learning, or if we are ready to merge with the Source whence we came, to share our individuality, our acquired knowledge, with the others. Not just with the few, but with the totality of the Universe.
There is a paradox in our existence that most people appear to find hard to accept. In a number of religions, divinity has been assigned threefold attributes. In Christianity, we find the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In Hinduism, there is the Trimurti, or the “three forms”, represented by Brahma—the creator, Vishnu—the preserver and Shiva—the destroyer or transformer. 
This Triad is as old as time itself. It is a Singularity that exhibits three attributes. In this sense the monotheistic religions are right. Regrettably…  only in this sense.
While the so-called divinity, or the Source, is but One, like, say, the omnipresent amorphous creative energy, it can best be understood as a single coin with two faces, with the third dimension, the edge, being the “straight and narrow”… the endless. The two faces express the two principal attributes of that which we call the divine: the Potential and the Manifestation. These are always maintained in perfect balance.
Whatever the Source, It must have existed before the Big Bang. It must have had Its nature in the absolute vacuum, in absolute silence, beyond time and space. Since the Source, by denotation, is immortal and omnipresent, those characteristics of existence must remain forever. Thanks to our scientists we find an echo of such a “pre-Big Bang” condition in the Event Horizon. There, and only there, we can find a state of consciousness which can retreat into the inexplicable potential of a Black Hole, or expand to the limitless realm of the phenomenal Universe, in endless attempts, trials, and tribulations, of translating the Infinite Potential into a manifested condition. The manifested condition suffers from a very slow rate of vibration, and inherent transience. Only the Potential remains changeless, eternal, incomprehensible, infinite, whereas the Event Horizon is the eternal birthing place of the Multiverse.
Hence, in a way, the concept of the Eternal Trimurti, the Divine Triune is right. But only if we do NOT attempt to put a human face on It. One we accept the consequence of this reality, humanity will take the next giant step in its evolution.

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