Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bacteria and the Human Species

It is a matter of survival. No, I am not talking about a mad general, or homicidal psychopathic president, pressing a red button initiating global holocaust and making our Earth uninhabitable.
I am talking about us, the very ordinary, reputedly sane people, eating ourselves out of existence. First, encouraged by misguided churches, we continue to multiply in wild abandon, then we eat everything that is edible, and then… we shall die. 
For a while, some of us, might subsist by eating our brothers and sisters, but even that would not last. Soon we would be too fat, too obese, to be able to deprive our neighbour of his or her life, and prepare him or her to be masticated. 
Until recently, bacteria and viruses were the only species reproducing itself for as long as there was food to be absorbed. Then, being unable to cross to another oasis which would supply nourishment, they would die. At present, a man weighing say 70 kilos has roughly 40 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells. This ratio will vary, but if we stop supplying bacteria with food, they’ll will die, and take us with them. Physically, we are their feeding ground. 
This is true of all people who identify with their physical bodies. I for one, treat my body as a temporal stop in my eternal becoming. Lucid dreams have confirmed this thesis on may occasions. I have been writing about them for may years now. Below an excerpt from Science News, Magazine issue: Vol. 189, No. 3, February 6, 2016, p. 6

Some of us, who refuse to remain ignorant for the duration of our reincarnation, experiment with our dreams achieving the first step of inner reality in, what is known as, “lucid dreams”. These are states of consciousness which are no longer limited by the slow rate of the phenomenal energies.

We can all achieve such freedom. And in doing so, we take the first step towards the divine condition of absolute balance, which resided only in the Even Horizon. There is neither good nor evil there. Those conditions are both the penalties and rewards of what we do with our potential. Divine Potential remains for ever neutral, while Karma restores the balance.

I find it gratifying that a Science Magazine finally confirms what I have been writing about for some 20  years. (Perhaps  they read my books, lol!) The  consolation is that the moment we shall destroy pasturelands for our domesticated microbes, we, the real we, the individualized units of consciousness shall create other means, other perhaps biological robots, through which we can verify our efforts of translating the infinite potential into manifestation.
And now, to repeat the statement on my Internet Page If you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski.
To confirm your suspicions, read AWAKENING—Event Horizon. To be sure, read the book below. I hope you’ll enjoy both.

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