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Of all the gifts with which the Universe, in its infinite abundance, endowed us since the beginning of time, the greatest of all is the gift of immortality. The problem, however, is not so much how to retain the amorphous energy of consciousness which is, was, and for ever will be, immortal, but how to create and maintain a sustaining vessel, which will retain our individuality. While our physical bodies are transient, they remain the only means through which that which makes us different from each other can be expressed.
Our bodies are the homesteads of our egos. Ego, indispensible for individual survival, is what sets us apart from each other. We do not have to retain human characteristics to retain our individuality. The rate of vibrations which our mental body generates can produce any vessel necessary for the survival in a phenomenal reality. Such a vessel will house our consciousness, our mental and emotional bodies and, of course, the final, phenomenal expression of our individuality.
However, if in our search for individuality we forget that we are all expressions of a Single Source, we are apt to do more harm than good. Regrettably, this amnesia is already spreading throughout the world. Hence devolution.
There are many ways out.
There are religions and philosophies. There may even be gifts coming to us from afar…
See below…

A 243-year young astronaut and a beautiful lieutenant traverse the Void of Cosmos at 85% of the velocity of light. They meet people advanced 150,000 years beyond the human race. You will laugh and cry, but most of all, you will be amazed. Perhaps, flabbergasted! It will stretch your imagination to outer limits, and beyond.

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