Friday, 1 July 2016

Bestsellers come in Pairs

The Trilogy consists of ALEC, the precocious boy coming of age, who grew up to be ALEXANDER, the young man who become a brilliant physicist determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. In Book Three, his son, SACHA, took the journey even further. Unable to reconcile the phenomenal reality with his inner knowledge, he decided to work, slave and research until he found out what is his dharma, his purpose in this world. Finally, he did and his discovery will upset the whole of humanity for all time.

 In Book Two, Alexander or Alex did not find it easy to reconcile the idealism of his youth with the pragmatism of adulthood. His early experiences made it particularly difficult, as “Princes Sandra” continued to lay claim on his mind, his emotions, and even his body. Sandra’s unrelenting demands took a heavy toll on Dr. Alexander Baldwin until he finally understood that Sandra was his inseparable inner Self. He found it amazing how often we forget that physically we are little more than transient vagabonds in an equally transient world. Our true Self is beyond time, beyond space, in a way omnipresent and immortal. Or, at the very least, we are individualizations of that which manifests those traits.
As he matured, Alexander took advantage of his knowledge by visiting ancient sites, civilizations, or just simply other realities. He found that we do not evolve by inventing ever-new gadgets which enable us to grow mentally and physically lazy, but by exploring our inner potential. This realization has rewards that lie beyond human understanding.

To my surprise, not all bestsellers conquer the market because of their sexually effusive contents. While most books on the market are replete with murder and eroticism with overtones of sadomasochism, there are those rare jewels which make the grade in the hearts and minds of the readers without appealing to our lower nature. ALEC is such a book, yet for weeks it rode the crest of the #1 Bestsellers on the Amazon in 3 different categories. Soon, I feel, it will be there again.
I can’t help hoping that when the time comes you, my dear, dear readers, will place ALEXANDER at the same level. Bestsellers… here we come!

A few 5 STAR blurbs awarded to ALEXANDER on Amazon

A great follow-up!
You Have To Read!
Anther 5 Stars From Me!
Fascinating and Engaging!
Exceeded My Expectations
Great Continuation of Book 1
Inner struggles masterfully told
A fantastic installment of trilogy
Brilliant second installment in series
Time and Space collide on an epic journey…
A Feast of Information, Concepts and Philosophy
Excellent continuation our hero’s journey to greatness

…..and others.

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