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On July 21st, for the second time this year, ALEC, Book One of the Alexander Trilogy, had been offered for free on the Amazon. I hope you got your copy. A few months ago, the book has achieved the distinction of being:

#1 Bestseller in Metaphysical Fiction,
#1 in Visionary, and
#1 in Time Travel categories

 of Amazon Sales Rating. Since, Amazon has extended the novel to “young adult,” “mystery,” “new Adult & College” and a few other categories. ALEC, though essentially an adventure novel, also helps to illustrate the first steps we must all take towards discovering our true nature. The steps which lead to the eventual unification of our Self with our ego. The time when we become One. And now, lo and behold, the same three #1 placements had been achieved within just a few hours. Once again ALEC is a bestseller!

You will follow Alec Baldwin, a precocious lad with unbridled imaginations, as he explores the creative potential innate within his individuality. He even inspires his parents to reach out for their hopes, to fulfill their aspirations. Will they all succeed?
Alec expands his consciousness high enough to dwell, at times, in the realm of imagination. To him, as indeed to some of us, this realm is as real as our physical reality. For most of us it only occurs in dreams, when wittingly or not our brains enter alpha rhythm. But we can all do it. The potential is dormant within us.
Alec reaches out beyond that. He meets himself among the stars...
“The cosmic merging of Alec and Sandra (Alexandra?) is exceptional writing, even for you. It should touch every sensitive reader in their innermost centers,” wrote Kate Jones, Pasadena, USA.

Alec will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Below you can glance at some reactions from my readers. Just a few 5 STAR blurbs from the Amazon:

Great Book
Must read adventure!
What an imagination!
Fantasy that Inspires!
Adventures of the Mind
Even better than I expected!
Another Stunner for Stan Law!
Wonderful, beautiful Read! Loved it!
Coming of Age as a Thinker and a Seeker
A Wonderful Tale Of Adventure and Discovery
What a wonderful and unique coming of age fantasy…
A unique story will keep you mesmerized till the last page!

…and many more…

Let me know what you think, or better still, please, say so on Amazon…
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
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And then enjoy ALEXANDER and SACHA, Books Two and Three of the ALEXANDER TRILOGY.

Alexander Trilogy Book One

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