Saturday, 9 July 2016

TERRORISTS - International Intrigue

A few days ago I made a half-hearted proposal on Facebook. The vital point was that for each woman or child, let alone man, our bombs kill, a new aspiring terrorist is born. After all, every action precipitates an equal yet opposite reaction. It restores—no matter how unpleasant—balance.
As for the rest of my proposal a:


I have been a little premature in my assumptions. Apparently in Fallujah (Iraq) the IS had engaged in large-scale improvised weapons production. Now that Fallujah has been retaken by friendly forces, there is no reason to believe that the terrorists have any other manufacturing capabilities.

As of now, we kid ourselves thinking that we can continue to make a fortune by selling arms, and defeat the enemy which is using them. Yet this seems to be the prevailing philosophy not only in the USA but in, Western Europe, Jordan, Turkey and other greedy nations. (We also export military vehicles to countries with abysmal Human Rights record).
To my knowledge, the men and women forming the haphazard ranks of various terrorist organizations do not own a single munitions factory. They also do not manufacture any vehicles, tanks, even motorcycles. Furthermore, there are no farmers amongst them, none of their members produce anything at all - except death. Every single item which they use to murder us, and their own people who do not show absolute obedience to the misguided version of their beliefs, is supplied to them by us. By the taxpayers of particularly the western nations. We alone are responsible for great many deaths. Until ‘ordinary’ people rise against their own plutocrats who grow rich out of murder, nothing will change.
We continue to support governments which indulge in international intrigues for the sole purpose of making money for the rich. This is not fiction. This is fact.

As for fiction, one such scenario of international intrigue is suggested in the novel ELOHIM, the sequel to ONE JUST MAN.  My publisher writes: “In truly Stan Law’s style, this book is both, a bold exploration of human potential, and an international thriller. As an added bonus, Peter Thornton shows us the way to join him in the realm of man’s ultimate destiny.”
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  1. The Human Potential swings to either side of the miiddle ground.