Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Eternal NOW

Most of my books have a tendency to play with the concept of time. I am not alone.

We are forced to accept the assurances of our physicists that time doesn’t really exist. Although both Aristotle and Newton believed in absolute time, later scientists put dents in the previous theories. First, Einstein showed time’s relativity to movement (velocity) and space, and later, Stephen Hawking elaborated on its fluctuations and other disturbing properties.”

The above quotation is from my book “VISUALIZATION” (non-fiction). For aficionados of mixed marriages, in Visualization, as well as in my latest novel, “AWAKENING”, you’ll find that science and religion are not as far apart as we imagined. After all, in the days of pharaohs, priests had been the sole keepers of knowledge. Only later science and religion succumbed to an acrimonious divorce. Yet Albert Einstein continued to claim that, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” I’d suggest that he was not really referring to various religions as such, but the knowledge offered us by the great mystics, on which later religions were loosely based. I say loosely for a reason. E.g., Yeshûa, known later as Jesus, said that “heaven is within you.” Practitioners of religions, on the other hand, claim that you “go to heaven”, after you die. That would imply that you have to spend eternity in a corpse.
Religions have drifted far from the original teaching. Yet, they can only obfuscate science, they cannot deny it.

       Since, according to the man whom many regard as God, heaven is within us, I decided to explore such a condition in my novel (frankly, in most of my novels). But in “NOW—Being and Becoming”, I compromised. I didn’t allow my universal traveler to die, but to enter his inner world in a state of coma. I allowed the hero to explore his memories which, surely, made up the reality of his own, personal ‘heaven’. From the beginning of time.
Ultimately, my hero had to decide if he’d rather stay in heaven, wherein no danger could ever befall him, or return to the state of Becoming, with the attendant dangers, problems, and… opportunities of adding substance to the heaven he’d leave behind.
You, too, may be faced with such a Hobson’s choice. 

My novel reinforces science by accepting the medical and psychological truth that deep within the comatose patients consciousness exists. I also reinforced religion by accepting that there is ‘life’ or at least a state of consciousness, beyond time and space. Surely, we must define consciousness as life itself. Let me know if you agree. After all, it might happen to you, yet, after you read my book you might no longer be afraid. You might even look forward to such a possibility. It might be fun. Or… well…
Please, let me know.

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