Wednesday, 8 June 2016

About Killing

“Thou shalt not kill!” we cry dropping bombs from 30,000 feet up in the air. We are safe up there. The women and children down below do not have land-to-air missiles.
“Love thy enemies,” added an unknown man by the name Yeshûa. Who might he have been? Love our enemies? He must have been kidding. Surely, if we loved them they’d no longer be our enemies. Didn’t he know that?
There are others who never heard of either man. Neither of Moses nor of Yeshûa. Anyway, they’ve been driven to the edge of insanity. They lost their country, their homes, often their families. There is no one left to love.
A young man shrugged his shoulders. Last night he saw a James Bond movie. If those long-dead men had been right, then those who kill are not 007. They are just 00. The real killers are those who give orders to kill. Does not each action precipitate an equal opposite reaction?
How can people love those who drop bombs on their homes, he mused? How can one love those mass murderers?

Even as individualized consciousness evolves, it grows and increases in diversity. Bacteria are very similar to each other. Flies begin to differentiate. Birds already sing different songs… and so forth.
Humans are never the same. At human level of evolution, each one of us has a different duty to perform. A different purpose. Regimentation into obedience to a single idea, a government, or an organization, is in direct opposition to the purpose of evolutionary diversity. Thus, by definition, individualization remains the prerogative of individuals. Each one of us is individually responsible for disobeying universal laws. Laws that try to maintain the balance of the final product; of the phenomenal reality.

Every government has dominion over its subjects. They rule, control, introduce new laws, enforce the previous ones to preserve peace. They have no authority to order anyone to kill anyone. Life is consciousness, manifesting through energies vibrating at different rates. Those energies include thoughts, emotions, and those at the lowest level which we perceive with our physical senses. Our physical bodies are not life—they are the transient result of forces manifested through us. The final result of that which is perceived and created by our consciousness. And our consciousness is no more than an individualization of the Single, omnipresent, indestructible Consciousness which is replete with Infinite Creative Potential.
The energy of Life is embodied in us and in all flora and fauna. You cannot kill life. Life is indestructible. By killing a body, any body, you destroy the final product of billions of years of evolution. Perhaps we really should not kill.

After 18 years of research Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, reached this conclusion. You might care to read how he arrived at it. They didn’t agree with Him then. And for some reason, His teaching is ignored by our governments and by the rest of us even today. We are a species of killers. What a pity. 

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